Montag, 24. Februar 2014

Invitation dc!

Auch wenn es draußen (hier) noch Winter ist, blüht es drinnen ganzjährig...

 Even when it is outside still Winter (here), it blossoms inside year-round...

 and what do we use to put them into and feed them with water?

May I please invite you to the next drawing challenge this weekend, the first in March?

The theme is VASE 


You can draw with a pencil etc., or cut in wood... linoleum, take photos, paint with watercolour, oil or coffee... Please leave a comment to tell you are in. I will add you to the list of participants and link with your blog. And this weekend you link with Rose here and
we all will meet together with VASEs.

10 Kommentare:

  1. I will try to cut some flowers to put in the vase next Saturday! thank you!

  2. Me too- and a good idea Roberto! I'll follow suit :)

  3. wow! cool theme! i LOVE roberto's suggestion too.... exciting! and spring is in the air, it she not? oh, what glorious walks this weekend.... n♥ please count me.

  4. Yes, please add me to your vase of players, Ariane!
    xxoo, sus

  5. in!
    and like the others
    i will bring flowers in the house
    i think roses ;^))))


  6. Yes please, i'm in, das paßt doch wie Faust aufs Auge im Moment, ich freu mich schon drauf!

  7. oh the weird mysteries of internet. i was here this morning, writing some words for you on this post, but they might have vanished in space..
    it was something about the wonderful european spring. but let's be authentic. i will just send you a hug and hope that this time it will arrive.

  8. always a joy to look at your vases Ariane, yes i'm in, xx



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