Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014


Süßes Getümmel im Ahorn am Eisenbach

Sweet hurly-burly on the marple at the Eisenbach

: Girlitz (Serinus serinus), oder? right?



*No 128: Renilde of Stroke of the Brush with Eye Contact
at the 22nd + 23rd of February

No 129: Ariane of Rose at the first weekend of March

No 130: Nadeschda of woolfenbell at the 8th+ 9th of March


  1. Such sweet little birds in the middle of winter--what a lovely sight.

  2. Was für hübsche Zwietscher und herrlich dieses Getummel da im Baum, könnte ich evtl. auch mal als Vorlage für ein Stickbild nehmen wie?
    lg barbara bee

  3. okay.
    my first comment slipped away into eternity... :(

    "serinus, serinus", i was saying, is a most wonderful name for a bird, it also has a spring in its sound, just like... spring! :)))

    i also suggested i'd take up DC n° 130, reporting on our summer event as well. how 'bout that? and would that be 8-9th of march then for me?

  4. so joyful a sight this time of year! that yellow is out of sight!

    I'd like to get on the docket for the DC too- I can take what ever weekend is next in line :)

  5. Sehr niedlich, diese Schar kleiner gelber Vögelchen!

  6. Oh, so sweet little birds and lovely feeling. Grayish go well with yellow :) Beautiful creatures.



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