Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

update: Licht:Ausstellungsbesuch

Auf dem Weg nach Hause noch schnell in die Deichtorhallen

On the way home quickly into the Deichtorhallen



Fotos Anna Domnick, Calm II,

by Leonore Mau - a homage

Erfrischend! Refreshing!


  1. what an inspirational work!
    anna domnick, magical
    in the end
    a robin!! ;^))

  2. I'm always inspired when I visit your blog Ariane!! such a joy to travel around with you and see things through your eyes :)

  3. Is the little bird in your photograph a robin?! He's beautiful. Our robins are red chested and at the moment picking the hawthorne berries off the trees in our back yard. Thanks for the ride. xo

  4. oh, looks like an inspiring adventure you've been on.
    dear ariane,
    yes tomorrow i am meeting with patrice. so curious and happy about this opportunity, meeting you wonderful people IRL! hugs to you


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