Samstag, 12. April 2014

dc #134: HAT

Blossoms, all over blossoms and la luna wears a pretty veil today...

So, I take a botched photo canvas and paint on it with gilding liquid this

Lady with flourishing hat (including veil)


A quote comes to my mind:

'To pull a rabbit out of the hat'

(here out of a Chapeau claque, a real magic trick, no?)

 For this dc No 134 dear Tammie Lee is our host and her theme is HAT (or cap). Please visit her enchanting place for more hats and caps!

The dc takes a little break for Easter. 
Who will be our host for the weekend after, the 26th + 27th of April?

 Wish you all a nice weekend!


. . .

today: No 134 Hat (Cap) at Tammie Lee's

. . .

 who is our next host?

8 Kommentare:

  1. wonderful, it's been so fun joining in this week and seeing the varied response x

  2. I like the 'Lady with flourishing hat' - it's wonderful & dreamy.

    have a great day.

  3. I love your blossom photos. And what a beautiful methapor for a hat:: "la luna wears a pretty veil today.."

  4. i think it is wonderful how you took
    your worlds blossoms
    your moons veil
    and let them inspire your painting
    so fun to think of the rabbit coming out of a hat
    i bet it was dumbfounded each time
    i mean really, rabbits don't belong in hats, or do they ;-)
    thank you for joining in!

  5. I very much like your lady in a hat painting- especially seeing the canvas you worked over- very nice !!
    Have a great Easter :)

  6. Yes, Ariane, that golden magical dreamy canvas recreated into a golden wonder is just divine! Love it. And love your wee rabbit wearing the flowers. Very great. Happy times to you, love Norma, x

  7. hase im hut ... der anblick tut gut! es ist immer so schön in deine fotos einzutauchen ... ein bisschen so wie bei alice. verwunschen und traumverloren. und da entdeck ich ihn auch schon ... den magischen spiegel. das letzte foto ist fantastisch.


    p.s. hast du meine smartphone-nachricht erhalten? hab dich neulich erst bei meinen kontakten entdeckt ;o)



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