Samstag, 5. April 2014

dc #133: Nest

I have taken my camera with me,
as I went to work. Later I would take some pics of birds' nests
along the Eisenbach on my way home... as I looked out of the window
I spot a nest of a crow... at eye level! But
all the branches blocked my view...

 My workmate Lady Kate meant
"Well, for a better sight you gotta climb on top of the roof!"
... hmmm... My boss allowed it and an other workmate helped
me with the ladder and opened the porthole...
I approached the brink... and the nest.

Never, never! I had such an
eye contact with a bird before! 

I told the crow mom that I am harmless...
wanna only take a pic, then I am off! Same to crow dad...

and that was about it...
thank you, crows, thank you @work!

On my way home along the Eisenbach


Hum, singing, warble and nests

  Try to build a nest, too...

and decide better to do a drawing:

I take an old print of a linocut

(you can find it here, before I cut it into pieces for a type area...
wanted it for 'Frühlings Erwachen' by Frank Wedekind,
but there were too little rosebuds, so the prints wait a long time
in my dresser for... for today!)

and draw on it with wax crayon
a blackbird hen, an egg and a nest

 Yah, Nest is my theme for this week's drawing challenge
and these are the fantastic artists , based in the USA and Canada,
the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany that are playing
please visit them:

 Barbara bee, Patrice A. (a bit later), Rachel of Hi Happy Panda (Yay!),
Norma of the fairy yellow bug queen, Nadeschda of Woolfenbell,
Stefanie Seltner, Céline, Tammie Lee, Kristen of
A Sunny Spot,
Eric of Cerulean, Sabine of Herzfrisch and Susan Christensen.

 Thank you very much for playing! 

Wish you all a refreshing weekend


. . .
No 131 Connections 

No 132 Water 

today: No 133 Ariane of Rose with Nest at 5th + 6th of April 

. . .

 who is our next host?

9 Kommentare:

  1. oooh....
    such a beautiful nest you draw
    as if it's three dimensional
    i like it very much
    as i like this whole post!
    thank you!!! this was just what i needed
    now to work!

  2. how fun that you got up on the roof for a better view of the nest. birds do sometimes fly at us if they are concerned. that would have been a good one for eye contact ;-) there is something about eye contact with a wild animal that is powerful.

    your spring is far ahead of ours, no flowers yet, birds yes, but are they nesting, i don't know.

    your drawings are a joy to see on top of that pretty background, reminds me of old Hawaiian art for some reason.

    thank you for being our host!

    I would be happy to host next weekend. I will write you.

  3. I am totally impressed by your raven story, wow...your picture of the eye, it makes me shivering, exciting!
    it is such a nice theme and as Patrice said the nest you draw is beautiful! I like the floating egg.
    thank you for the invitation x Stefanie

  4. What a wonderful crow story. I love the blossom and redbreast photos.

  5. if anything to go by, your post is such a refreshing one! what an adventure, climbing up the roof at work, to come closer to family crow. obviously you had a goal, and you did good. i can't honestly say which of both your endeavours to me is more exciting, because the drawing you made is so very you and so very attractive too. what a perfect background for your delicate drawing.
    your theme was a delight to muse upon last week, queen-of-nests-for-the-day! and that spring weather, which your camera reproduces here so abundantly. splendid... n♥

  6. The depth of thought that you give to your art is such a joy to behold dear Ariane! The story of the ladder climb -- this is an art installation all by itself. Or, if filmed, a short doc. for sure!! HA! Many moons ago I used to do lino cutting and I still love it as an art form. What a great combination of the lino cut imprint against your fresh drawing of the bird, nest, egg. Brava! Thanks for being host. Hugs, Norma, x

  7. Wow I'm impressed getting that close to a crow- they are so camera shy! if you know what I mean. we have a group that nests near our house every year and I love watching them - though I think they probably watch me more :)

    Your nest drawing is great- especially the nest part really I've been staring at it for awhile now!! Thank you so much for this theme it was really perfect and fun to see everyone's posts!

  8. The luck of climbing on the roof to get such a close-up of the crow's nest - WOW! And I love your drawing, Ariane, a breath of spring this whole post. Thanks for inviting me to participate. I enjoyed observing the trees here for nests.

  9. Dear Ariane,
    wonderful photos - you really catched spring! I am sure your nest will find a bird.
    Have a nice week



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