Donnerstag, 11. September 2014


nur das Schöne zu sehen (sehen zu wollen) hindert mich daran, das Nicht-so-schöne wahrzunehmen oder gar zu verändern.

only to see the beauty (wanna see) hinder me, to perceive the not-so-beauty 
or even to change.

{Und: jedes Loch, das man in die Wand bohrt, muss man irgendwann wieder zuspachteln.
And: every hole, that one had drilled in the wall, have to be spackled.}


Drawing challenge!

next: No. 144 at Joke's

at the 20th + 21st of September


I have missed you! How are you?


  1. hello you!
    i am so curious about
    the new castle

    Patrice A.

    love the words you write

  2. Things are fine round here, and I hope your move on nicely. :D See you soon I hope.

  3. I'm all right, trying to find a way in giving lessens, make my own drawings and other less importent stuff.....such as cleaning. I'll put the dc monday on my blog. Everybody have a nice weekend and i'll see you on monday!


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