Sonntag, 14. September 2014


Die Gänse schnattern verwundert,
als meine Arbeitskollegen sich einer nach dem anderen zum Stand Up Paddling auf's Wasser wagen (Ich habe 'Rücken' nach der Umzugs-Arie und genieße stattdessen lieber die Ruhe)

The geese quack amazed
as my work mates one after another venture to do Stand Up Paddling on the water (because of back-pain after the move-aria I enjoy the quiet instead)

und dann fahren wir weiter an die Ostsee

and then we drive on to the Baltic Sea


After being at the Seaside I feel refreshed.
There is still a lot to do in the new Castle at the Eisenbach and outside of it the renovations are going on. But I wanna go on with this blog and wish to visit you soon at yours, dear friends! See you!


  1. hang on, hang in. time is a great solver. i'm glad you could retreat to a quiet {inside} corner of the world and yourself, and let the images do the talking... we need that kind of replenishment. take care of that back o' yours! n♥

  2. Ahhhhhhh the healing waters and sands of the seashore! Ariane, I hope your back recovers from all the restoration work. When all the dust settles you will be thrilled with how your castle looks! Take care. xo Carole

  3. Da hast du gut daran getan, dass du "Rücken" hattest, in Ruhe alles geniessen ist auch viel besser. Hach, herrliche Bilder, da will man sofort "nichts wie hin".
    barbara bee
    Friday coffee? Kisten auspacken?

  4. Have a great time, everything you do is allright, nothing to do? That's also all right.

  5. see you!
    ich mag deine fotos, die oft wie malereien aussehen.
    x stefanie



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