Samstag, 20. September 2014

dc #144: 2nd Hand

I am fascinated by the light and colours and water... heaven!
maybe I feel extra open minded (it appeals to all senses) because of

the Green Rose Bud Tea of the Art Tea Shop at Lili Nalovi and Jesko Willert's bel Étage
together with sweet Barbara Bee, yesterday... very inspiring!

And: on this occasion her wonderful ring from the fleamarket is now at my finger :-)) thank you so much, dear Barbara! (Du weißt, wo du ihn findest, wenn Du Sehnsucht hast)

We took a 'good-bye' and 'welcome' ring photo of our hands... and suddenly we screamed:


"Second Hand! we got it! ahhahahaha!"

For more Second Hands please have a look at dear Joke's

(The weather is extraordinary beautiful outside, so see you later)


today: No. 144 at Joke's

at the 20th + 21st of September

next: No 145 at Lisa Herzfrisch (Sabine)

who is our next host?

11 Kommentare:

  1. That's also a way of looking at things. The second hand joined in! Great!!

  2. how fun to hear how your second hand experience came to life
    and with two hands ;-)
    such a fun ring and gorgeous images

  3. Your second hands made me smile. The top photo is my favorite! - eric

  4. Nice! Some days I wish I had a second hand like that! Hope your weekend is lovely. :D

  5. ha ha ha... girls of my heart, he!!??
    i can sense your excitement, d'you?
    grand occasion.
    the tea shop sounds intriguing!!!!

  6. Yes this was again a very special and joyful friday with you girl! Und der Ring paßt einfach zu dir, was soll ich sagen. Ich ertrage es aber noch ganz gut, siehe mein post....
    barbara bee

  7. What a sweet laugh you women enjoyed!! These shots of water reflection are beautiful, Ariane.
    xxoo, sus

  8. Was für ein wundervoller Ring - perfekt an deiner Hand...
    Herzliche Grüße

  9. ;^))))
    such a great idea
    i am a bit jealous
    wishing i could have been there too....


  10. Der Ring ist super! Und die oberen Fotos sehen aus wie gemalt!
    Der goldene Herbst ist ganz offensichtlich schon bei Dir angekommen. :-)

  11. Oh, Nooo, i dont know why i cant see the main photo. you and B! anyway i imagine that its a very good pic! Have a nice weekend!! :)



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