Sonntag, 15. März 2015

dc: No 161 Spring break

Today I am back in the Lionpalace
(for me another kind of holiday chalet)

and I paint for this week's drawing challenge a Azulejo
with a pair of azur-winged magpie [Cyanotic cyanus] on it
(pretty, cheeky birds which reminds me on my nearly 14 years-old twins...)

Veronica is our host of this 161st of drawing challenge with her theme Spring break
 - please go to her place for more!

Have a nice day!

14 Kommentare:

  1. oh my i can almost feel that sweet southern primavera, mimosa scented air and blue skies.
    you have been surrounded by blue, what a treat, it had to result in a beautiful azulejos tableau.
    thanks for the sweet postcard Ariane, x

  2. sweetie!
    thanXX for that postcard ;^))
    and all the beautiful images
    i can feel the sun
    smell the herbs and the sea
    and i enjoy the blues
    also in your painting!
    zaulejos birds.....


  3. Hello beautiful Ariane! These photos take me away. I can smell the trees (kind of musty for some reason in my imagination) and feel the spray mist across my face and walk in the sand and cement sidewalks of the town. Then I cannot but help to grab a paintbrush to capture some of it. Oh so glorious is this feeling that your post has given to me. Thanks! *smiling* Norma, x
    p.s. I still have a little something for you that I haven't mailed yet. Will you email me your snail mail at the Lionpalace?
    p.p.s. The feet on your magpies are marvelous as they clutch the oak branch.

  4. Mmmmmm early spring sunshine and warmth.....
    Thanks for the postcard. Wish I was there.
    Happy days to you at Lionpalace with your cheeky twins, Arian! xo

  5. This looks like a gorgeous place to be and enjoy and relax and to paint. Blue and white are delicious. So fun to get your post card. It is pouring rain here and snow is melting, entirely different from your photos.

  6. You lucky, lucky woman, beautiful pictures of a lovely place to be! The birds in those blue colours reminds me of Delfs Blauw.

  7. That must be the epitome of the loveliest of all spring breaks! Wonderful to the max Ariane. I hope those birds always remind you of this lovely time. (PS, I didn't know you had twins. You lucky girl. Love getting to know more about you.) X

  8. actually, I was kind of hoping for these images. portraying your time in Portugal. they are so lovely, that light and the blues. the drawing tops it. thank you for letting me dream about such nice portuguese spring break. xo

  9. Lovely, lovely spring images of what looks to be a perfect spring break.... love the bird painting, too!

  10. thank you for the postcard! :-)
    so tolle Bilder, freut mich für dich und deine Familie!
    Und dieses Sonnenlicht...
    x Stefanie

  11. perfect, perfect, abundant spring break...
    what a ton of memories to cherish, i am so happy that you had this fantastic stay away from home for a while, with the family. if there's one action that reloads batteries as such, it has got to be this. and then portugal!

    pretty, cheeky 14-year-olds? hee hee... your drawing came out exceptionally authentic! n♥

    1. forgot to say :
      -thanks for the original postcard;
      -loving your header here!



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