Freitag, 27. Februar 2015

dc: Nr. 160! Birthday cake!

Happy birthday!

to newborn Emil, to Amina in Munich, to Lene of Frl. Miezi and to our host of this drawing challenge Katrin Seltner of Fischefrauen (on Saturday, the 28th of February) and all the other Geburtstagskinder!

I hope you enjoy this Black Forest cake :-b

More of Birthday cakes at Katrin's table

Is there a new host for the next drawing challenge?

P.S.: Packing my suitcase... school holidays...
ready to take off to Portugal (has been a while... and first time with kids)
via Berlin this weekend 



  1. Schwarzwäldertorte wie lecker!
    Wünsche dir eine schöne Zeit in viel Sonne
    Herzliche Grüße

  2. Oh, auch wenn ich nicht so gerne Kuchen esse, Schwarzwälderkirsch gehört zu meinen Lieblingstorten! Danke dafür! Sieht zum Reinbeißen aus :-)
    Wünsch Dir viel Sonne und Wärme und eine gute Zeit in Portugal.
    Herzliche Grüße

  3. Lecker, deine Torte. Und danke. Schöne Ferien euch.

  4. Schwarzwälder, oh jaaaa... hübsche Zeichnung!
    Viel Vergnügen in Portugal wünscht
    x Stefanie

  5. hmmmm.....
    i love all cakes and pies
    this one looks yummy!!

    have a fine day and WEEK!
    stay safe and enjoy

    with both arms wide
    and three kisses, right, left, right

  6. yay! what's all this? a mouth watering beautiful yummy made cake and now flying off to portugal. much deserved!
    and ha ha! via berlin. that's why....
    and do enjoy every portugese minute now.

  7. such a lovely cake and for a special celebration!

    wishing you a wonderful time away!

  8. Hey, that sounds wonderful! Last time I got us to Berlin it was completely by accident because I should have put us on the fast train to Prague and I misread the train number and ended up on the express to Berlin instead. LOL Oh well, all in good fun. Love your black forest cake. That's Chloe's birthday cake of choice. :D

  9. aha, some sunshine and blue skies after all, have fun dear Ariane.

    fantastic cake! and my favorite too.


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