Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

dc #157: Gala dinner

Our current place Lionpalace is close to the Eisenbach. Now, in Winter time,
you can find pretty pattern on it.

With this on my mind, I search for a small newspaper clip, that shows Her Majesty the Queen, May 2007, brought out a toast during a Gala dinner in the White House in Washington. I treasured it because of the colors: creme white and gold together with black and then those red and violet... hmm, inspiring to me to make a painting... later.

I furbish the Silver and form new plates from air-drying clay,
press the doily into it and enrich it.

I bring some flowers (Anemones instead of Roses, surprise!) 
and paint this watercolor:

the Gala dinner

Please come to more places of glamorous Gala dinners via Katrin of Fische Frauen. She is our host of this week's drawing challenge, No 157.

(Did you find another dc here from January? It is toast ;)

Who is our new host for the next weekend? 

Veronica Roth is our host of the 158th drawing challenge 
this weekend 14th + 15th of Februry 2015 with :


Katrin Seltner of Fische Frauen will host the drawing challenge
at the weekend of the 28th of February + 1st of March

8 Kommentare:

  1. A beautiful table you've set here, Ariane! Chiffon would be the dress choice for this gala dinner. xo

  2. what a beautiful setting - love the doily inspired plates!

  3. Love how all this cames together. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. the watercolor and how it came into being, the twists of the mind,so nice to be able to follow it all.
    you're plates, lovely, may the collection grow! :) x

  5. I live the images, especially of the " Eisenbach" and your kindred watercolor at the bottom. I would like to join in the next DC.

  6. i didn't realize you may be intrigued by royalty, but of course this becomes a lionpalace inhabitant, such as yourself! memory is such a fine thing, and you find your trinkets quickly. i've missed your bald and often unexpected entries on topics and am so glad you can now join us again on a regular basis. i'm really enjoying this. come on in, we'll have tea.
    your plates are truly stylish, and worthy of a life at lionpalace. the watercolour feels dreamy. frame it! x n♥

  7. Nicely done Ariane. I love the idea of pressing lace into ceramic. Wanted to do something like that for Christmas but ran out of time. :( I'm so glad you're back. Apart form missing your company, it's been really hard to keep track of the DCs. I wonder how hard it would be to get that Mr linky thing happening for sign ups? I haven't been able to figure it out for my Wordpress self hosted site, but maybe I should do a bit more research.
    So, looking at mine:
    Katrin with Gala Feb 7th weekend
    Joke with The Unexpected, January 30th weekend
    no one took the Jan 24th weekend
    Me with Toast January 17th weekend
    Eric with Matchbox, January 10th weekend
    Eric with Time, December 29th weekend
    and that brings us to Eric's Rara Avis

    I'd love to take one next week's challenge is no one has signed up for it yet. What's today...Tuesday...there might still be time if I put the word out and invite everybody.

  8. Beautiful Ariane! I've missed you. Happy to see your painting I discovered this day. And you always have a wonderful story to go with, what inspired, etc. and it is delicious to drink in with my heart and eye. You are living in a palace now! A lion palace. Well it is fitting my dear. I know you will enrich the space while you are living there. Until next time, much love, Norma, x



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