Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

dc #156: the unexpected


when the life is topsy-turvey suddenly

doesn't matter why


we have the chance 
to look at our lifes 
from a different point of view.

we can see via the unexpected
and learn something new.

This week's drawing challenge #156 is hosted by dear Joke
and her theme is the unexpected. Thank you very much for keep on going with this fabulous drawing challenge, sweet friends!

We moved after 7 weeks in a hotel (B&B) in a beautiful new place: the Lionpalace. Our Castle at the Eisenbach will be renovated from the ground up (our place hasn't got ceiling nor floor, today) and after 1-2 years, when all is ready, we will return.

In the meantime I enjoy my new fruit ;-) and a fast internet connection, fresh flowers (tulips!) and a glass of peppermint tea

Thank you for your visit and please come to all the other players over at Joke's.

* pink cloth made by Alessandra Taccia

13 Kommentare:

  1. tulips and tea in the Lionpalace sounds pretty good to me Ariane.
    you have been missed x

  2. That sounds good! Nice to have you back here within our dc playground!
    Enjoy the Lionpalace!

  3. Hooray! You're back on line. Missed you sweetie. I also have some fresh tulips and some blueberries, blackberries and strawberries on a lovely green plate right here beside me. Oh goodness, what a time of it you've had. I hope that there are some nice, peaceful and happy times coming up for you. Maybe enough of the unexpected for a little while. X

  4. Ariane, so good you are here again!
    My best wishes to you x Stefanie

  5. all is well that ends well, you should know. sometimes we are tried to our toes, and far beyond, and we find we go on, because there is no other way. i can imagine patience is a quality you have been faced with for so long now. let's finally turn a page.
    you have been missed here, and i'm so happy you have now a computer new to play with.
    'lionspalace' sounds just the ticket. who knows? maybe you will never return to old pastures. maybe you will. that's the excitement of it too.
    welcome back, welcome home, Löwe Königin.

  6. you are here, you are here!!!!
    now that makes my day, tralalala ;^))
    you have been missed
    the drawing challenge is not the same without you
    and this theme, the unexpected, a grand way to come back!
    have a fine week sweet friend

    queen of the lionpalace, hmm, sounds good to me

  7. That's fantastic news. Happy for you and your family! Well it has been a turbulend time for you all. I hope that you'll find more quiet time and rest. I'm glad you're back.

  8. schön, dass ihr für die nächste zeit wieder ein heim gefunden habt! und lionpalace klingt gut. viel glück dir und deiner familie, liebe ariane!
    :-) mano

  9. It's so nice to see you here again, Ariane! We've missed you. I'm glad you're settling into to Lionpalace. Can't wait to have a cup of tea with you. xo

  10. when Joke set up this theme, strangely you where the first one I was thinking about. about the shocking part in UNEXPECTED and on how you've handled everthing so gracefully. at least it looks like that to me. the unexpected sometimes brings out the biggest strength!

  11. liebe ariane, kaum noch runden drehend im www hab ich erst vor kurzem von dem schmerzlichen verlust eures heims erfahren. das hat mich sehr berührt und auch nachdenklich gestimmt. aber es war schön zu lesen, dass es euch gut geht. home is where the heart ist. wünsche, dass es sich für euch so anfühlt. fühl dich umarmt ... von herzen, tatjana

  12. Wonderful post, full of hope! Take care! xo Leena

  13. So wonderful your settled (for a bit right) and Lionpalace sounds like a great name for some good memories of the rug being pulled out so to speak on regular life- so good to "see" you :) !



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