Samstag, 22. August 2015

dc #174: tiny

Once we lived here, in Blankenese

This morning (Friday), 
during our kids are still in vacation-sleep (message on the kitchen table), hubby and me catch 
a tiny car-to-go (a twoseater) and drive to some of our former favorite spots

Back home in the Lionpalace (kids still in pj)
I recognize, that I really often bring some nature from the big outside
to the inside like the yarrow {Achillea Millefolium}, see above in the 3. photo.
Sometimes as cuttings (f.i. from Portugal) and sometimes as seeds like this acacia. 
It's seeds come from this tree:

by Azalee, Khartoum, August 2015

Till my tiny plant will became a big tree, I have to be patient.

And: what's tiny or big is in the eye of the beholder:

sometimes you only need special glasses!

Look, little fairies are dancing in a round:
Tammie Lee is our host! (thank you, Dear)

Her theme for this drawing challenge No 174 is


As an offset to making this ring of tiny pearls, I draw with coal on a big packing (90x120cm/36x48inch) a huge mouse

Please make sure that you find more of *tiny* (breath carefully)
 at the flowing place of Tammie Lee.

(Have you seen the woman on the stand-up paddle board in the 1. photo, left?)

Have a nice weekend!

12 Kommentare:

  1. Hallo Ariane, die kleine Maus ganz groß
    ist ja richtig süß :)
    Und die anderen netten Kleinigkeiten
    gefallen mir auch sehr :))

    Wünsche Dir ein tolles Wochenende!
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally missed the woman on the paddle board. Now I want to go take my daughter's paddle board out on the ocean! LOL. Love the giant tiny mouse and love the idea of renting a tiny car to go for a morning jaunt while the kiddies are otherwise occupied. What fun! Well done dearest Ariane. Big hugs. :D

  3. loved seeing/considering all your tiny and large offerings.
    so you took a tiny mouse and made it big (it is a wonderful mouse)
    and i took a cabin and made it tinier than the flowers
    yes, patience for seeds to grow into trees....
    how lovely to visit places..... again

  4. Nice post. Your tiny big mouse made me smile:) - eric

  5. I didn't notice the woman in the first photo until you pointed it out, now that's a nice thing to discover. I like the idea of making large art with small subject. I'm not a big fan of mouse but this looks pretty cute.

    have a lovely day.

  6. good thing you mention the woman, in effect, i had not noticed her. she standing out in the water, right? and what an opportunity to go gallavanting with hubby near and far, this looks like a right posh area, this blankenese...? you had the perfect weather to do so... a two-seater? waw.

    i like that image where you shoot through the car window, that is such a lovely composition. naturally i also squeal at the woman standing in your flowerpot, the scene becomes her.

    swirling, swirling tiny fairies and matching aubergine coloured pearls.... i love the progress. SO chuffed. the setting for your labour of love appeals to me, in a sudden rush of admiration. i am excited!

  7. So many tiny things to see here, Ariane. Like a scavenger hunt for the eyes. Loved searching for the tiny woman in the first photo. You tricked me with your mouse. I said.."aw, that's such a sweet tiny mouse" and then I see the next photo. Are you giggling to yourself? Wonderful fun here today. Thanks. xo Carole

  8. Yes! Perspective is in the eye of the beholder and your tiny seeds will one day become a huge tree!!

  9. ;^))

    now this sounds and looks like a fine day
    love the images and insides
    as i love your tiny mouse, you clever girl
    and it looks so soft, just like that humblebee!

    the swirling fairies ;^))
    so like Tammie's drawing....

    thank you for this beatiful post
    have to go
    but will be back

  10. beautiful pictures and post - your huge mouse is perfectly tiny!

  11. Ariane you are so fun! Yes I did see something on the water, and no did not know it was a woman on a paddleboard until you directed me to it. So back up I went to have a look. Fun. You are growing a tree/trees! This is splendid. The young plants placed beside the large seeds is exciting indeed. I just really enjoyed this post, thanks A.! *smiles* N, x

  12. Such a great selection of tiny things, and most of all I like the huge drawing of the tiny mouse. It just goes to show it's all a matter of perspective, isn't it?



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