Montag, 31. August 2015

Farewell August, welcome September

Eine Feder von einem Reiher im Eppendorfer Moor

A feather of a heron at the moor (close to the Lionpalace),
showed you that place through the dc: nature, 2 years ago

Andacht. Reverence.

Ein paar Fotos von meinem Smartphone in diesem August:
Natur, Wochenmarkt in Blankenese, Marktstraße und Flohmarkt... und Café.

{Heute hinter den Kulissen: Einschulungsfeier in die weiterführende Schule der jüngsten Tochter, älteste Tochter zur Wurzelbehandlung begleitet, 1. Tag handwerkliches Praktikum vom Sohn}

A few photos of my smartphone in these August:
Nature, weekly market in Blankenese, Marktstraße (Marketstreet) and flea market... and café.

{Today off the stage: first day at the new, secondary, school of the youngest daughter, eldest daughter to the root treatment squired, 1. day of son's internship}

I am back.

Who is our host of the next drawing challenge, No 175? The first in this September.

6 Kommentare:

  1. you are back! :))). it is true that summer carries its own stamp and all that it entails, and once slipping back into the after-summer-mood, life can turn a little introverted again. you made a brilliant start by waving goodbye to august, till the next year! i've a DC theme, but don't want to go yet, want to wait just a few weeks, 'kay? maye the weekend carole's here, i can add some images?? x n♥

  2. Hooray for the autumn! Love the photos and absolutely love the dahlias. Where would we be without dahlias in the fall?
    I'm too disorganised right now (jet lag!) but would happily take the DC for the weekend of the 12th-13th Sept. Would that work? Big hugs.

  3. i miss you alland this, blogging....
    good to see you here again
    soft colored memories of summer
    (left right left)


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