Montag, 26. Oktober 2015


Über uns raschelt es gold

{pochende Zahnschmerzen hatten letzte Woche(n) mir die Sicht genommen. 
Jetzt, mit einem Backenzahn weniger und einer Zahnwurzelbehandlung weiter, sehe ich wieder Licht}

Unsere Jüngste ist jetzt eine 'Elfe':
Wir feiern ihren 11. Geburtstag mit süßen Freundinnen in den Tropen
und staunen über die Schöpfung


Above us it fissles golden

{racking toothache had taken my sight, last week(s). 
Now, a cheek tooth less and a care of root further, I see light again}

Our youngest is now a 'Elfe' [elf, means in German even the number 11]:
We celebrate her 11th birthday with sweet friends in the tropics
and marvel for the creation

Habt ihr schon mal ein Krokodil auf Tauchgang gesehen? 
Es sieht aus, als würde es schweben

Have you ever seen a crocodile's dive?
It looks, if it would hover

After our visit at the lemurs
(first they were asleep after having dinner.
Son has told me, that the feet of the lemur were cold like a cat's nose)
we went home to have ...

a pretty raspberry cream chocolate cake,
made by Eldest and friend N.

Hope you have fine time, dear friends.
Is there a host for the drawing challenge this weekend?
Last dc COVER has been so superb! Thank you!
Would be so nice to play with you, again.

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  1. yey! ♪♪ celebrate good times ♫...
    happy birthday to elfie, birthday cake mouthwatering lovely...
    what can i say? want! ;)))
    OH. DC... mhmmmm....



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