Samstag, 3. Oktober 2015

dc #177: POT

In Isolde's garden
(here she fills boiled water from the kettle into a pot of tea)

I have shown you even here this marvelous place, e.g. in the dc #54 Garden.

Maybe the last pot of tea in the garden of my dear friend Isolde is already drunk this year
(photos are from the last June. I hope I will find time to meet her there, soon, still in this October and the kettle isn't in hibernation so we can make a fine bonfire to boil water in it).

This place, its simplicity, the nature, calm my nerves. 
So I put my photo of it (above) on linen and hang it over our table in the kitchen. 
Every time I look at it I recognize my dear friend Isolde, left, but often I see also a woman through the ages... with a yellow golden parasol and a long dress on, wrapped in a scarf. You follow?

Here! I stitch that image into canvas (a table runner), 
in pointillism's manner, because it is looking like the trees, they soon will turn defoliated as the birch tree on the photo. I wrap the threads round warp and woof, it goes up and down, round and round

as knitting, crocheting or sewing potholder, too, or small crochet tablecloth, fine as a spiderweb in Indian summer

Stefanie Seltner has inspired me to throw some wooly into the potty. She is our host of this drawing challenge No 177 with the theme POT. For me a rounded theme (round like the base of a pot itself), thank you! 
Btw: Those pomegranates reminds me on your Crown-Houses or House-Crowns, liebe Stefanie :-))

Please come to Stefanie's place to find more pots!

Later I will cook a golden pumpkin soup

Potholder by:
Renilde de Peuter
Alessandra Taccia


#175 Pocket
#176 Skin
* #177 POT at Stefanie Seltner's


Who is our next host?

Wish ya a nice weekend!

6 Kommentare:

  1. Dear Rose, so nice here and yes, I follow you :-)
    Put into your pot what´s coming in! Your post is very inspiring and calming, I really enjoy it. And thank you for the pomegranates!
    Nice weekend to you
    x Stefanie

  2. such a lovely post
    some how it felt like it went in a poetic circle
    such beauty, gifts, memories and delight
    i love the little pointillism embroidery

  3. Lovely Rose! Soup! Table linens! Tea! Friends! Perfection and you made my day. I made Yellow Pea Soup yesterday and will have the yummy leftovers today. I will dig out a linen cloth to serve myself soup a bit later. And tea. Beautiful post, dear. N,x

  4. i find here, at yours, so much treasure in every corner, whenever you address us. it is the eye of the artist who speaks of all that you witness around you. such a beautiful ode to isolde and the passing of time, the ethereality of our existence and the want of putting things much loved close to our hearts. i cannot think of a better place to hang such reminder, where you can greet it every morn'...

    your images are autumn bliss. the ingredients to your pumpkin soup golden indeed. bon appétit, but i gather it's all gone. rightly so. and such comfy crochet!! x n♥

  5. Lovely pot holders and Pictures and pumpkins...



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