Samstag, 2. April 2016

ac #192: PINK HORSE(S)

I voyage through time and space,
hear the soft snort, friendly like a giggle as they appear in my dream.

They are blurry (and I trace their contours in this lucent dream,
because I wanna know, how many they are)

I can see them all so clearly, now: four pink horses {cold-blooded horses, giant, strong and gentle}.
I can see the men and especially him in the center. Vis-à-vis. It could be me, who have taken these as a photograph. Maybe at one first warm day in April, back in Denmark.

Irena, dear sister, do you need those pink horses as logging horses for your wild wood?

For this week's ART challenge, dear Norma is our host with PINK HORSE(S). Please take a ride to her place to find more of them by other artists.
BTW: This is my table right now...

I've given some things to oxfam and brought back this fabulous book by Marc Chagall ;-)
Some corners here in the 'Lionpalace' are more tidied up, already...

I wish y'all a happy weekend full of sunshine out and out!

Love, Ariane. Rose

Ring with tiny Queen by Stefanie Seltner 

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, liebste Maman!



today: No. 192 PINK HORSE(S)

at Tammie's 
this weekend, the 9th + 10th of April


Who wanna be our host for the next art challenge?

7 Kommentare:

  1. Beautiful strong pink horses, Ariane! Thank you for playing along with me this week. Are you back home now? Is your address (snail mail post) the same? I have something to send to you...N, x
    P.S. your tablescape is so so so so so much lighter and interesting than mine. Time for me to clean up!! *smiles* Chagall is everything.

    1. I will be back home in the Castle at the Eisenbach in about three weeks! :-)
      Behind the scene I will send you the address update. Looking forward!
      x, A.

  2. wunderschön, wie sie so langsam aus dem zartrosa nebel auftauchen!
    bei mir hat ein gustav von pinken pferden geträumt...
    lieben gruß, mano

  3. your pink photos are beautiful
    they make me wonder what pink skies instead of blue would be like to live with
    i do love them in the setting and rising sun

  4. I will host DC
    inspiration will be: Prayer
    setting up a post now
    will that work?
    sweet week to you

    1. Thank you, dear Tammie,
      that you will be our host. It's a wonderful theme!
      xo Ariane. Rose

  5. not at all being a horse lover myself (hence the ommittence of any horse in my vintage stack); and by not being a lover, i mean, being actually scared of horses, for i rode a horse once and it didn't become me; i could expect to find you dreaming of one. or four. of course you made that image in denmark. i'm so glad you remember. ;)))

    thank you for baptizing me rather on the english accent side. it thrills me. and i was glad to make my voice resound in your ears. ...
    incidentally, ariane rose... will you be making it to patrice's second half of july? it seems bee is going have a job going, maybe, and i was wondering. i guess i'm gonna have to book my train ticket before long. will want to meet up. if ever not... i'll just have to swing by your gals' way in winter. i do miss berlin (and also hamburg! and also you, naturally)... n♥



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