Samstag, 9. April 2016


Early in the morning
I do a walk under blossoms
(and I am not the only one)
It is a meditation, a self-reflection,
hanami, sakura
beauty, start, transience

I walk humbly
 it is like a prayer


I feel refreshed

For our yesterday 'farewell Lionpalace' tea party
I have bought a few branches

and I have printed some of my photos and hang it
(in form like a kimono) in the hallway.

For this week's Art challenge dear Tammie is our host.
Her theme is PRAYER/MEDITATION. For more of it,
please come to her place.

No drawing or painting, it is an installation for this Art challenge No. 193,
because I am running out of time:

In less than two weeks we will leave the Lionpalace
and go back home, to the Castle at the Eisenbach!

I wish you a beautiful weekend!

(I have to put some things into the moving boxes
and do the tax declaration... )




today: No. 193 PRAYER (MEDITATION)
at Tammie's  
this weekend, the 9th + 10th of April


Who wanna be our host for the next art challenge?

10 Kommentare:

  1. Love your installation. It's an ode to spring! - eric

  2. What a lovely place for meditation, and your photos are wonderful!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this post - it has added beauty to my day. Yo

  4. love it
    from start till the end
    all those beautiful pink blooming trees
    ...ah.... love, love....
    thans for sharing
    it made my day!
    which was a working one, again...
    now, time for a little walk (without blossom)
    before i go to bed ;^))


  5. We've those trees here in bloom right now, as well. It's interesting to see that the different colours bloom at different times (thankfully). The palest of pale have bloomed and fallen and the dark pink ones have peaked last week and are on their way out but wow they are wonderful. The tree branches are arching down due to the weight of them and they look like pink snowballs for some reason, to me. The pink blossoms photos hung in a kimono shape...brilliant. Sakura. Perfect. *hugs* N, x

  6. so very lovely!
    strolling through your post is like a prayer.
    i imagined myself strolling under and with the blossoms,
    a good feeling.
    I did not know that cherry blossoms are related to the rose.
    I love all things rose and put their petals in my tea most days. thank you for this lovely sharing. Wishing you a good packing and move.

  7. you are one of the busiest art ladies that i know. running your family and a full time job and thinking up and doing this always fresh, always surprising pieces of art. your abilities are so versatile, it is a pure joy to be surpised each and every weekend.

    is it moving time, ariane? omg, it is an abschied of sorts, innit? you have been blessedly happy in this place, and i remember its character very well. but then, the joy to move back to almost 'old blighty'... !!! i feel you do the lion palace so proud by waving it goodbye with a cherry blossom kimono image. the timing is excellent, rose pink blossoms.... lion palace did bring you five romantic, robust shelter in dire times, and to celebrate it with pink blossoms, well, the house knows! to you five i wish excitement with this move back home...

    thxs for your lovely words. they grow on me, i take them to my heart, they strengthen my cause. x n♥

  8. that blossom itself is a gentle prayer. does something doesn't it? the way the light from the flowers enters the eyes all the way to the heart. it's been a while since i've experienced this kind of blossom..thank you for the little journey today.

  9. How romantic images of your Sakura are! So lovely meditation!
    I am visiting through Tammie's "Beauty Flows". Happy spring!

  10. my dear friend
    how i miss being here
    miss the blogging and all....
    i have posted since two months!
    and wonder, shall i host a challenge?....
    say for the April 30/May 1

    with love!!



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