Freitag, 22. April 2016


In November 2014 after the fire of the roof of our house 
the neighbors and we stayed overnight at this hotel (3 times). 
It is a former water tower 
(funny, we were all damaged by water of the firemen...)
After that we switch to a cheaper B&B.

This is the first photo, which
I took at the first view of the 'Lionpalace', in December 2014...
 the birch and the moon.... about 16 moons ago. 
I remember it like yesterday and in the same time it is far,
 far away

I have changed.

PS: Dear friends: but still: house moving is moving to me.

3 Kommentare:

  1. simple as that.
    you have changed.
    life changed you.

  2. i hope, i think, you may all have settled in nicely. i'm in the middle of preparing a blogpost, another old fashioned one... how i sometimes already and nostalgically long for the olden days, when blogging was such an exciting experience. maybe it'll all come back, and maybe it won't, but a change is gonna come, or has already...

    anyway. i started out this tiny comment in wishing you all well in the eisenbach, and that's exactly what i'm gonna do. make the castle rock, baby! till soon, oh, and we need july dates!!!!!!


  3. I hope the changes feel good to you
    inspire you
    change is an interesting thing
    something that happens
    and then it is what we do with it..... what will we do with it
    lovely images


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