Samstag, 27. August 2016

AC#197: A Room with a View

Many glasses were emptied
in the Castle at the Eisenbach
and filled, again, in this heaven!

I love the balcony, that view! (the moon!)
that sound of the Eisenbach, the birds and trees! 

It's A {real} Room with a View:


'A Room with a View'
is a novel by Edward Morgan Forster (1908),
member of the Edwardian Bloomsbury Group
the „Bloomsberries"

Have you seen the berry-pink cloth on the table in the vid?

Well... ahem... actually I wanted to dye the cloth
with pearls wrapped inside and outside
for a nice pattern like the negative of berries on it
in the color of berries for this Art Challenge


The cloth dyed completely... no berry-pattern,
too small the pearls, I think, and overnight... hm

Interestingly I've driften in my mind from
 'A Room with a View' by E. M. Forster to another member
 of the Bloomsbury Group: to Virginia Woolf with a
'A Room of one's own'

It reminds me on:
'It's all about the space'
our print of our Summergathering 2016
at Patrice A.'s with Barbara Bee and
woolfy Nadine, our host of this Art Challenge

It's all about the space
to abandon oneself to idleness
to find the creative flow
to hear the inner voice
to follow the heart...

There is no room for myself in the Castle, even not a table
(and it is really hard. It makes me aggressive, sometimes, these interruptions!)
 there is room everywhere
the earth is my table and the heaven my space


For this Art Challenge No. 197 this weekend (27th + 28th of August) 
is woolfy Nadine-tje's our host. It was she, who strikes a chord for 
A Room with a View

Make sure to enjoy the view over at her place!

In the vid I show a photo of Julia Stephen
mother to Virginia Woolf taken by
the photographer Julia Margaret Cameron
aunt to Julia Stephen 
Great-aunt to Virgina Woolf
She started in the age of 48 with photographing

Happy weekend to y'all! And yes, I am happy that we start again with the Art Challenge!

{PS: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag. liebe Zaroya!}

12 Kommentare:

  1. that is indeed how it is. it is hard to find space of your own sometimes, if you haven't got the luxury of having that room dessignated to you, yourself and you. the balcony does fill in your cravings in summertime, it feels. now to look for a similar spot to tide your over winter... it is possible, that corner, that nook, that table space. of course imagination will have to run riot in this, because as you say, interruptions a-plenty...

    that image, is that julia cameron, by any chance? i've come across her a few times last weekend, in an exhibition about light. oh my god!!! that's right! image taken by julia cameron. that was an era of abundance, i'll say, if aristocratic... ;)))
    i had the good luck of seeing an exhibition dedicated to the works of julia cameron, a good year ago, here in ghent. i'll have you know... it was awesome, besides very, very interesting.

    it could have worked, the pearls on your table cloth... i am also thinking, how about bleach spots, dabbed on with the back of a pencil-eraser, e.g.? but i also really like it vibrantly coloured like this!

    ps - is that the moon reflected in the water??
    pps - any moon in the sky reminds me of you. did you know?
    ppps - ah. it's all about the space... where'd time fly to? oh. HERE it is! ♥

    THANK YOU for playing so generously...

  2. the view of the moon and birds in the water, it gives me a feeling of quietness. I understand the feeling of not having space. My desk is totally my own, but even there I have to ask my daughter to move to her own space. Somehow my desk is a nice place to be.
    I can feel that the room can be everywhere; I like your way of saying that the earth is your table and heaven is your space!

  3. Oh my goodness it's just lovely over at your place. What? No room of your own? Somehow you must fix that. Perhaps a little table in the corner somewhere. Perhaps that little table on the patio with the beautiful cranberry pink table cloth you've made. Perhaps all you need is an art bag to move from table to sofa to table. Big hugs from me over here.

    PS I've just take photos of the similar cygnets over here on the Thames.

  4. The blues and greens of your sky and water with beautiful birds brings a feeling of tranquility; what a glorious view!

  5. Hi Ariane! I liked your AC. i have a question: Somebody saw the heart-shaped ice into the glass? :)

  6. Oh my your view is lovely, Ariane. Your video makes it come alive for me to see where you sit and watch and ponder life. Thank you for sharing it all with us. xo

  7. A nice view on your place. Love your quote: the earth is my table and the heaven my space. So true! - eric

  8. Dear Ariane,
    I like your Point of view: the earth is my table and the heaven my space. But I wish you a table of your own. I dream of a room of my own (aka Virginia Woolf) and if everything goes right, we will move soon and then I have the earth, the heaven and my room.
    All the best. Lucia

  9. Oh, you need a small space that you can call your own - even if it's just a corner in a room...a creative space that's all yours. I love seeing those birds floating on the water. Were they young swans?

  10. Dear Ariane, I love this selection and as always, the shades of pink all around you. You use it in such an elegant way. As for that missing space of yours, I am with Nadine on this. You do need at least a table. We had a similar problem over here, Thomas gave up his office for the move. His table now sits in the middle of the open kitchen. We've tried a lot of angles and corners, now it is almost perfect. The right light installings and a sign on the door, when he is super concentrated, helps too. I will alsways knock before entering on top. And for the future we plan to build a delicate wall, made from old windows. He is happy with his new space, especially as a chef it makes sense to be in the kitchen. Sending lots of calmness and quiet over to you! xo Annton

  11. wonderful photographs. Such lovely glimpses.
    i can see that no art space can be hard, not even a table.
    I love that you make the earth and sky your room. I often do too.

  12. rich post Madame Reich.!
    That moment feels like we are all together in the - so so nice!
    x Stefanie



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