Sonntag, 16. September 2012


I'm not afraid about (the local) spider. 
Really, and I've just found spiderwebs without spider... and gossamer.

 Pretty elastic and resilient gossamer.

 So I've did research about how spiders can do this wonder. 
I do this drawing of a spiders profile with mainly their gland at the back. 
Spiders have a silk gland and seven spinneret at their abdomen. They produce different threads: stabile for protection over to elastics for the spiral to catch. 
Isn't it amazing?!

Thank you very much, dear Renilde for thisweekly drawing challenge's theme! 
I've learned a lot.

For more spider/web please visit her wonderful place.

Who is our next host?


7 Kommentare:

  1. I didn't know how the spiders do it either! Thanks for the research Ariane! It is really, really amazing hey? It is a wonder of nature...the spider web. I liked this post very much. Talk soon, hugs, Norma, xo

  2. Amazing creatures aren't they...
    love to you Ariane : )

  3. Yes, spiders are amazing - the strengh of their webs are stronger than steel (in relation to the size). Like your drawing a lot. But I think a few of the webs you've showed are from webs on drugs....
    Love Barbara

  4. I love how you wandered around, camera in hand to take these very beautiful close-ups, they show the fragility but also the strenght and elasticity of cobwebs and thanks for explaining in a clear drawing Ariane and ofcourse Louise Bourgeois, xx

  5. dear Ariane,

    this is what I like about you
    what I liked about you when you told
    me little bits of history while
    walking through Hamburg
    your curiosity
    and i like your beautiful images
    of the webs and the flowers
    and Louise Bourgeois!
    of course

    Patrice A.

  6. well, yeah, that is totally amazing, and thank you so much for your research, one does wonder. i mean, scared as i am of big spiders, i do love the little one's garden lace, and i also quite like the cross spiders, somehow they are mainly whimsical... dangling in their webs...

  7. So fine
    the miracle of the spin
    the web
    captured here so elegantly
    in you camera's eye



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