Samstag, 29. September 2012


For this week's drawing challenge (Number 77 already!) our hostess is woolfy Nadeschda
Her theme is MANDALA.

I meditate a MANDALA of an 8 leafy lotus: 
raspberry leaves and heather branches, pinks and small roses and a yin-yang sign of elder 
crowned by a rose turns to a lotus... then I smash it:

Process of growth

Please visit Nadeschda's marvellous place of woolfenbell for much more
MANDALAS all over the world...

while i feel like surrounded by MANDALAs or right in a middle of one.




Next hostess is

16 Kommentare:

  1. oh my word, queenie! you are positively excelling yourself on behalf of the circle{s} surrounding you...!
    and you have been going the full circle. i like your train of thoughts, once again, very much. i also take kind to the smashing. i must ask you, did you feel the urge welling up, and just went ahead and threw it over?

    and your rose will always be there to accompany you. .. thanks so much for playing in such an abundant way...!

  2. Hi Ariane! It looks like we are actually surrounted by mandalas all together!
    You are very observant my friend
    The lotus circle is a gorgeous idea, beautfifully executed : )

    god helg xoxxo

  3. Woah! Spellbinding beauty!! not only pure gorgeousness..with the evolution of the flowers building layer by layer..but it also carried a wonderful sense of movement and time for me and flying along with this visual journey was so fun and magical!
    And all the photos of symbolic patterns..beautiful!!

  4. dear Ariane
    your the master of this challenge
    the theme fits you so well
    and I like it that you smashed it
    like the monks do with their beautiful sand-mandala's
    beautiful challenge!

    Patrice A.

  5. wie wundervoll, liebe ariane! dein blütenmandala läßt mich in eine andere welt eintauchen. und deine runde sammlung gefällt mir so, dass ich mich jetzt in meinem zu hause auf die suche nach mandalas begeben werde!
    liebe grüße von mano

  6. Oh simply amazing, Ariane! The smashing was a total surprise - wonderful blindsiding. Bravo! -sus

  7. My gosh, Ariane, your mandalas are beautiful! I like that you included the creation and destruction of your floral mandala. I watched five Tibetan monks create a huge mandala that they poured into the Pacific Ocean in Nanaimo's harbour. Very moving ceremony. xo Carole

  8. das blumen blätter mandala. und das anschließende 'wegwischen'. symbol der vergänglichkeit des lebens und die entbindung von der materiellen welt. so wunderschön umgesetzt!

    herzgrüße von tatjana

  9. Wow Ariane, ich war ja schon geplättert von deinem wundervollen Blumen-Mandala und gleichzeitig traurig, dass es gleich wieder vergangen ist. Aber mit all den nachfolgenden Bildern hast du dich selbst übertroffen. Dieser tolle Häkelteppich und Pouf und ich bin schwerst verliebt in den Teller... super post! Gratulation.
    xo Barbara

  10. dear a,
    this is a beautiful idea,
    love to watch the mandala, the creation of it, and the destruction of it, back to emptiness, very poetic!

  11. Your mandala is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Stunning. An installation. So beautiful. I love that it is in the end smashed. This artwork made my day!!! *smiles* Norma, xo

    1. My dear friends,
      thank you for your nice comments, makes me happy.
      This challenge turns to a real challenge for me right in that moment as I wanted to smash the (flower)mandala... many voices in my mind wanna conserve it and it cost me really surmounting. But then... during the smashing I feel freedom and happiness. Space for something new!
      Dear Victoria, Mano, Sus and Carole... I'll come to you soon.


  12. Wunderbare Idee und Umsetzung:
    Leere zu Beginn und am Ende
    --> Unendlichkeit. Beeindruckend!
    Und auch ein Zitronenscheibenmandala...

    Darf ich Dich einladen zum nächsten d.c.?
    Herzliche Grüße,

  13. you showed in a very beautiful way what we are doing and need to do lots of times...and again, and again we start a new circle ...

    i love each and everyone of your photos and together they are such a strong image,wonderful play with colour too, bravo! x

  14. I can smell those roses. Ahhhh Ariane! Your flowery mandala took my breath away. The florist in me swooned. And you created it from the inside! I should try that.
    I always love what you have to share.

    Thank you again and again for the package! We are having great fun with it all.

    Love to all,

  15. Dear Ariane - you have created a wonderful selection of mandalas. I am particularly taken by the poppy, the lemon and the melon.



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