Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Hello October

Goodbye September
 Hello October!

Ich freue mich auf bunte Blätter, Spaziergänge, Quitten, in Büchern schmökern...

I'm looking forward to coloured leaves, walks, quinces, bury myself in books...

Und Du? And you?


  1. The same here Ariane!
    Already dressed in wool and feeling hommy and book loving again
    Some walks in the woods, before the snow comes...

    lots fo love xoxoxo

  2. me too dear, this time is always very inspiring to me, so are your pictures, x

  3. oktobersonnengold atmen. herbst auf der seele. meine liebste jahreszeit beginnt.


  4. are you?
    me too!
    the crunch of the leaves, the gales, the rain...
    do you drink from those wooden vessels, i wonder? they look special!

    1. Those wooden vessels are just props. Found them on the stairs of the Castle at the Eisenbach. They do look special, don't they?
      And now I know that my 'still lifes' are a kind of mandala: Props finds together, I arrange them, take a picture and afterwards they go...

      x Ariane.


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