Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012


I am a collector 
who finds pretty shells, stones that caresses the hand and likewise feathers, but no

 My mother is a collector , too... or rather a finder.
She has found a huge glass full coloured, cut glass at the strand of the River Elbe

a crumpled, seawater wet cloth in Denmark

 which evolved itself as a Dannebrog, the Danish flag!

 Even in Denmark finally my sister has found a piece of driftwood:

Probably a signal for navigation... maybe a topmast sign?

This twisted wood has found my husband at the beach of the Algarve in Portugal... 

surely from a tiny unicorn?

And now, a piece of driftwood washes up at the seaside of the Castle at the Eisenbach! 

Its an owl... which can be used as a candle holder
(I've bought her in a shop of a Dane :)

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by dear Mano with driftwood.
It is itching to do drawing and painting again, but right now I have no time and leisure... 
but I'm working on it!

Please have a look at more driftwood of other participants. You find them at Mano's exciting place.

  This week's hostess of the 79th dc is Mano with DRIFTWOOD
at the 13th and 14th of October 2012

Sabine, Miss Herzfrisch, is our host for this coming weekend, October the 20th and 21st!

For the weekend at the 27th and 28th of October Norma is our host. 


  1. Allesamt wunderbare Funde! Ich mag besonders das Einhorn-Horn und die Eule, entzückend! :-)
    Herzlichste Grüße

  2. trust you to come up with a twist!
    a unicorn's twist at that!! ... you make me smile, ariane.
    yours, kindly and truely,

  3. what a fine collection of
    feathers and glass
    the unicorn made me smile
    as did the soft red of the cloth
    beautiful post!

    and I like your owl!
    I am working on my owl paintings
    but I am so slooooow.....

    Patrice A.

  4. I love your entry most:
    "I am a collector
    ... but no
    that´s so great!
    hab eine schönes Wochenende,

  5. I enjoyed reading your post, very well told.
    I congratulate you. I loved it.
    Whothe beautiful little redhead is?
    reminds me of one of my daughters who has the same hair color :)
    (now she is 28 years old, but his hair is still the same :)))))

  6. Such poetic images, as always, Ariane. The collection of sea glass is so beautiful. Wishing you time and leisure to be painting soon!
    xxoo, sus

  7. wonderful post Ariane
    I love the story and the images and truly that twisty stick has to be a unicorns horn.
    The glass is beautiful and perhaps at christmas time a little piece of wood may drift across the seas to you. ;)

    Enjoy your weekend dear Ariane

    Helen x

  8. wundervolle fotos. und das foto mit dem einhorn...zum weinen schön.

    herzgrüße von tatjana

  9. that's quite a family of collectors(finders) you have there Ariane,how our eye is caught by those weathered things and beauty is found...touching unicorn, and owls well yes they are a special kind of birds aren't they, xx

  10. Oh, diese Leinwand ist ein wundervoller Fund! Direkt vom Strand an die Wand. Und die Einhorn-Assoziation gefällt mir auch, denn das ist es, was Treibholz für mich so faszinierend macht: es erzählt Geschichten, Märchen und regt die Fantasie an...
    Seeglas tummelt sich hier auch in diversen Gefässen, es ist für mich ähnlich faszinierend wie Treibholz.

    LG, Katja

  11. møn? der kleine leuchtturm bei den kreidefelsen?? ich bin soo oft dort langgegangen, den kopf nach unten geneigt, klackersteine, seeigel und treibholz suchend. wie sehr wünschte ich, jetzt dort zu sein!
    dein post ist voll von schönheiten. das verwaschene glas, das hier auch seinen platz hat, die wundervolle leinwand, das verzauberte einhorn, die nicht-treibholz-eule, die mich fasziniert. danke, liebe ariane!!
    viele liebe grüße von mano, die jetzt von møn träumt

  12. You make beautiful pictures! I love the little unicorn and owl, they are so cute! Thank you for your nice comment on my blog, I wish you a nice week!

  13. A lovely post about driftwood with almost no driftwood. Beautiful.

  14. Tolle Sachen hast du gesammelt. Die bunten Glasscherben von deiner Mutter, begegnen mir auch immer wieder und ich muss sie mitnehmen. Die Farben faszinieren mich immer wieder.
    Und die Leinwand, was für ein Fund!
    Ich hätte eine Idee für die nächste Drawing Challenge, ich weiß nur nicht genau wie das funktioniert.
    Herzliche Grüße

  15. What wonderful collections!
    (My daughter would love your feathers)
    You post made me think about all the things that drift around the world from one home or form to another- lovely!

  16. Honestly Ariane, I love your posts. I just sit quietly enjoying slowly scrolling down and taking in the lusciousness of your story as it unfolds. It does not matter that there was no wood at first, and there was no drawing, per se, but that the heart in the story was there. I love this post!!! The flag story is amazing. Hugs, Norma, x



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