Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Teebeutel? / Teabag?

Ein schöner Brief hat mich heute erreicht... von Norma!

A pretty letter has reached me today... by Norma!

 Ich bin überglücklich... 
und ich wundere mich sehr, wie man etwas so Wunderbares 
aus einem Teebeutel kreieren kann!

I'm over the moon...
and I'm wondering how one can create something so wonderful out of a teabag! 

Die Zeit fliegt... time flies...

die Zwillinge sind auf Klassenfahrt... the twins are on school trip... und die Jüngste besiegt mich erneut in 'Memory'... and the youngest defeats me in 'Memory' again.


  1. normas teebeutel-kunst ist wunderschön! ich hatte ja auch schon die große freude, post von ihr zu bekommen.
    wenn du dir meine letzten kunschschachteln ansiehst, wirst du auch etwas von dir entdecken! schau mal hin!
    viele grüße von mano

  2. What a beautiful little book from Norma! Lucky you, Ariane!
    I can't tell you how many times I've lost at "Memory" lately. Sigh.
    xo Carole

  3. i also LOVE how i've seen this little booklet first chez norma, and now in your hand. the travel of it!
    it is, besides a visual high, rather thought provoking!
    really? fading memory? yep! i know that feeling...!

  4. lovely little treasure
    about your question
    yes please!

    thank you!
    Patrice A.

    the lucky-bug you gave and send me
    is still on the table
    and seen and touched every day

  5. zauberhaft. und die jüngste genießt es wahrscheinlich die königin mutter ganz für sich alleine zu haben.
    memory ist mein liebstes spiel!

    herzgrüße von tatjana

  6. Lovely little book from Norma. She is so talented. I too am the lucky owner of one of her little tea bag books. Beautiful. As for the memory thing... I too can not remember things - you are not alone!

  7. What a precious little book. The scale of it surprised me in the last photo! Making it even more impressive.

  8. AHAAHAA....Poor Ariane you are a mother you are not supposed to have a memory its all about living in the moment as a Mother trying to predict the future. Looks like your youngest has you pegged. heeheehee!

    Norma that little book is amazing its a wonderful display of creativity and skill. Lucky Lucky Ariane.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    H x



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