Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013


No, I don't stick rose petals on a golden pot now ;-)

Because I am happy with my homage of the last week's dc 
I put the image on linen, framed it and give it a sign, ready to hang it on a wall 
(when renovation will be finished).

It is quite hard for me to find a new homage, so I turn to the meaning of it.


The last public homage feudally origin was in 1953 the coronation of
Queen Elizabeth II. 

Directly after the crowning there has been the enthronement: 
The first of the degrees swear allegiance to the newly crowned Queen...
 the archbishop of Canterbury, then

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, her husband,
followed by the Dukes of blood royal, the Marquess, Earls, Viscounts, Barons and as the single nonaristocrat the Lord High Chancellor.

The historical signicifance of a homage is very intersting for me. 
For instance in the Middle Ages a homage was a ceremony on that vassals evinces their fealty towards the feudal landowner. They both obliged to one another fidelity: the feudal lord for protection and defense, the recipient for help and advice. They were committed to mutual respect... no higher, no lower... yin yang.

This week's hostess of the drawing challenge is sunny Kristen
lovely Queen of the pink cup. 
Please pay her marvellous place a courtesy visit and you'll find more contributors of her theme homage.



today: N0 118 sunny Kristen

No 119 Barbara Bee 19th + 20th of October with PATTERN

Who is our next host?


Have a nice day!

Carol Burnett & Beverly Sills at the Met (1976)...
danke sehr, Irena, liebstes Schwesterherz ;-)

11 Kommentare:

  1. dear Ariane
    when i saw the theme of this week
    i thought 'Ariane already made such a wonderful homage!'
    now it's framed it looks like a museum-piece ;^))

    and about the renovaton
    i am done, tralala!
    i would love to have soem wallpaper on one wall
    but that just have to wait
    for now i have a beautiful bright white room!
    but what about you?
    are you renovating the whole place?....

  2. Liebe Ariane, die Idee mit dem Bild im Museums-style finde ich absolut genial - freu! Die mittelalterliche Bedeutung kannte ich nicht... schon wieder was dazu gelernt. Und wann dürfen wir denn die fertige Renovierung bewundern? Hechl, hechl, hechl.
    Schönes Wochenende
    P.S. das Video ist ja wohl der Klopper.

  3. mutual respect, now that sounds very interesting. i like that definition of it, albeit the royalty side's a little ott. times change, however. love the rose cup in the frame. is that a real frame? now. it looks stunning. hope to see your room(s) soon... ! n♥

  4. your post learned me something about homage but also brought me a lot of :), i love the golden glow in your images and the 'mirror image' one is fantastic.
    your lovely 'rose cup' patiently waiting for you finishing renovations, your public here is getting so cuuuuuriiiiiiiious ;) xx

  5. You do the most interesting things Ariane! That mirror image just had be staring and staring at the screen. It's stunning. The pale 'original' so vibrant when reflected in that gold vessel. It is transformed right before our very eyes. And the framed art piece you did for last weeks' challenge is just divine. Your hand and eye and creative spirit transforms everything you touch. Beautiful! N, xo

  6. p.s. typo correction: the mirror image just had ME staring and staring...:)

  7. das spiegelbild ist der hammer und erst das video! hommage mal ganz anders - danke!!
    herzlichen gruß, mano

  8. P.S.
    just now i discovered
    the smiling queen ;^))

  9. :) I too had to go back to see the Queen smile- very clever! and interesting the historical side to homage....your photo is wonderful and I will keep my eyes peeled to see where in your lovely castle it ends up!
    Thanks so much for playing along - so fun to see every ones different posts.

  10. Ariane, your painting looks quite elegant framed and ready to hang in your renovated castle. I love the photo with the queen's reflection. Fun post!
    xxoo, sus

  11. framed is great, I love it!
    a very charming post, have a nice week
    x Stefanie



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