Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013

Nach dem Sturm...

wird aufgeräumt: Der Sturm tobte... 
wirbelte uns durcheinander und knickte Bäume um und brachte den Verkehr zum Erliegen.

will tidies: The storm blustered... whirled us, snapped trees and stopped all traffic.

Foto : Nils Reichardt

Doch in der Burg am Eisenbach sind wir sicher und die Quitten duften köstlich.

But in the Castle of the Eisenbach we are safe and the quiences smells delicious.

Hope you are safe, too!

PS. Our next hostess is Patrice A. at the weekend of the 9th + 10th of November. She will offers us a theme for the 120th drawing challenge!


  1. i love a good storm, when safety is all around. in this season they come for free and not forgetting they cause damage too, they are a thing of beauty... i can just imagine how you revel on these whirlwinds... ;))) n♥

  2. I am glad the storm found you safe and snug in your castle, Ariane! I am wondering when we will get a big wind storm here this autumn... none yet, which is rather unusual.
    xxoo, sus



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