Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

dc Garland... gaudate!

sorry, I am late:

I have so many garlands between my ears these days... but then an angel (made by my oldest daughter some years ago) winked at me... has given me a sign

and one after another approached... blossom winged

 with a smile and: a clothespin in its back ;-)


 Please swing your garland over to Nadeschda's woolfenbell : It is her dc theme this weekend


No 120 Tattoo
No 121 Autumn

today: No 124 woolfy Nadeschda at the weekend 14th + 15th of December with 

Next: No 125 with Tammie at the 18th and 19th of January 2014


12 Kommentare:

  1. hello lovely queen Ariane!
    those angels are amazing - love that idea. truly inspired.
    i am recovering from surgery and can probably make these in bed ;)
    i am trying to come back and play. i've missed you all.
    hope your season is bright and blessed - surely now with all those lovely angels surrounding you and yours!
    xo milady

  2. sweet golden angels on your window, what are they like? stunning! but 'm also very chuffed by that pomme granate looking swell with the tiny candles ànd that baubled golden pear.
    as a matter of fact? i have fallen in love with that still life at the end of your post.
    winter fruits. lovely!
    thxs for playing!!

  3. wonderful golden angels!- that last photo is such a beautiful still life!!!
    I do believe I'm in love :)
    Hope you've have a great weekend!

  4. Delightful angels with their petal wings, Ariane! Advent greetings,
    xxoo, sus

  5. Gaudete. Yes. Ja, freut euch mit den Engeln, die uns Zeichen geben.
    Liebe Grüße von Lucia

  6. blossomwinged angels
    only you, sweet Rose, could think of that

    oh, and that for last image
    a pomgranate with candles
    such a beautiful 3th advent image

  7. there is only one place where one could meet blossomwinged angels!
    didn't know what you would come up with this time but o yes, of course, they are at home here and lovely.
    your fruit always makes me want to eat it :)

  8. The delicate angel wings lifting one's spirit and appealing to one's aesthetic. Perfectly balancing in a window's light. This is a joy dear Ariane!
    The visual of the candles in pomegranates. Perfection. Love this. Happy greetings to you! Love Norma, x

  9. These are so wonderful individually, but they also wrk together so well. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Och wie süß, eine Engelchen-Girlande! :o)
    Ganz toll finde ich aber auch den Granatapfel-Adventskranz!

  11. das lächeln des engels ist bezaubernd!
    liebe grüße ins wunderschöne graue hamburg!

  12. Einfach herzallerliebst deine Engelchen und dann dieses Grinsen, ich könnte mich ja schon wieder kaputtlachen. Besonders gefällt mir aber auch dieses Stilleben auf dem güldenen Tischchen, sehr malerisch, wie aus einem romantischen Gemälde entsprungen - und eine coole Christbaumkugel, wenn man das überhaupt so nennen kann.
    Noch mal herzliche Grüße
    Barbara bee



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