Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2013

long post :)


Photo by Bertold Fabricius

 Ich schnappte unsere Kinder 
(der König von der Burg am Eisenbach hatte Migräne) und wollte in den Michel
Doch dort hatte eine Veranstaltung schon begonnen... hellstes Licht und Stimmen, glockenklar und wundervoll drangen durch die Fenster und Türen. 
Im Kirchturm sind wir nach oben gefahren:

I snapped our children 
(the King of the Castle had migraine) and wanna go to the Michel
But there has started an event already... brightes light and voices, as clear as a bell and wonderful get through the windows and doors. 
In the church steeple we lift up:

wir wärmten uns auf... we warmed up:

und fürchteten uns später vor Krähen (sehr viel mehr Krähen!)

and later we were sore afraid of crows (lots of crows!)

Lustig war es, als Barbara Bee zu Besuch in der Burg am Eisenbach war 
(wir lachen beide laut:)

It was jolly as Barbara Bee come for a visit in the Castle at the Eisenbach 
(we both laugh loud:)

Am Montagmorgen dann fahre ich auf dem Weg zur Arbeit dem Sonnenaufgang entgegen...

At Monday morning then I move towards the sunrise on my way to work...

bewundere die Farben und Muster... 
marvel at the colours and pattern... which reminds me on garlands :) 
I will come to yours sooon!



  1. that building in the last image almost had me fooled for a garland, so elegant in all its greyness... i wonder why everywhere so many buildings seems to need to rise up, do we need so many high rise buildings? albeit the contrast in that colourful sky is quite something.
    glad for you both, barbara and you, to have met up.
    soon, ariane, soon...

  2. i love a long post
    i laugh loud too!!
    wish i could have joined
    the two of you
    maybe next year
    in spring?!!


  3. Jaaa, der Kuchen und das Gelächter. Haben sich die Nachbarn bei dir beschwert oder bloß deine Kinder?
    Liebe Grüße
    Barbara bee

    1. Es sind mir keine Beschwerden zu Ohren gekommen ;-)

  4. you and bee,
    laughing loud together, wow, sounds great! wish i could hear it...

    love and hugs

  5. sweet you
    i have a giveaway over at vibeke
    'a butterfly in my hair'
    just that you know ;^))

    i wish you wonderful days
    with family and loved ones

    Patrice A.

  6. Lovely post, thank you ! Happy Holidays to you and yours, too xo Leena



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