Samstag, 7. Dezember 2013

dc: Swanlight

At last weekend I played pin-ping-pong with Hanna on Pinterest
we have sent us images of swans... e.g. this from dc No. 27 Metamorphosis


The week has started on Monday with

source: dpa

a dazzlingly beautiful golden foggy light and I thought marveling
'wow, this is the swanlight'

  (and I am really happy that somebody has captured it, 'cause my camera was at home!)

So I put out my pigments of gold 

and a fresh canvas, feed it from the ground and swing with a feather over it.

I feel like somebody appeares in that bright swanlight... variously

seek shelter from the outside

Please make sure that you find more swanlight at marvellous Stefanie Seltner,
our host of this week's dc (No. 123:)

No 120 Tattoo
No 121 Autumn

today: No 123 Stefanie Seltner at the 07th + 8th of December with Swanlight
No 124 woolfy Nadeschda at the weekend 14th + 15th of December with 

Is there another host this year?


Happy weekend!

13 Kommentare:

  1. i've been swaying from this post to your xaver one and back. it seems xaver raged north of us, and i hope even to you and yours, and your poetic souls, you've been enjoying staying put and warm inside, listening to the sounds around the house, soaring. always the best time for a good and proper novel...

    i notice your banner is bathed in swanlight and movement. i love your pot of gold. i could just dive in! and yeah, that swan o' yours.... she's forever popping up again, beauty that she is...

    see you over the next weekend! perhaps, it is true, this might be the last post for this year, what with festivities coming up? i'll make it extra special, shall i? ahem.

  2. Meine liebe Ariane, was für eine wunderschöne swanlights-Reise! Das goldene Licht, der Topf mit Gold, der geflügelte Rücken und das wunderschöne Bild, das sich so überraschend in einem Sturm transformiert...ich bin begeistert! Und belustigt, dass wir uns fast gleichzeitig besuchen! :o)

  3. a goldtipped feather
    just touching the canvas
    leaving marks of something that was there
    just for a moment

    love it


  4. so very lovely, the photographs
    and you painting with a feather
    the sweeping lines truly feel like the softness of feathers and lightness of flight

    i will not be able to host this month, but would be happy to towards the end of January

  5. Delicate movement that looks like it has been placed there by not a human element (hand) but by mother nature's friend the wind. It looks like blowing wheat or golden swan down blowing across a wheat field. Just beautiful Ariane! N, x

  6. My favorite photo is the golden pigments on your finger - just a beautiful reflection on our theme, Ariane.
    Best wishes for the week, sus

  7. Liebe Rose, ehrlich: zu diesem Thema hast auch Du mich inspiriert, ich hab bei dem Begriff swanlight an Dich und Deine Bilder gedacht. Und natürlich ist Dein Beitrag wunderschön, danke! Ich mag das Gold und die Feder/n und wie immer stark: Die Atmosphäre, die Du zauberst und mit der Du den Betrachter in Deinen Bann ziehst!
    Eine schöne Woche Dir x Stefanie

  8. Hach, ein federleichter goldener Flügelhauch, fein und poetisch und dieses goldene Nebelbild ist einfach unfassbar wundervoll, dieses LICHT, wahnsinn. Wieder ein erhebender Moment deinen blog zu besuchen, liebe Ariane!
    Liebe Grüße, bis blad - freu, freu, freu
    Barbara bee

  9. I really can't believe how you manage to find and make such beautiful pictures! I love the ones with the feathers and the gold, so wonderful! And you seem always have the perfect light!

  10. Wow what a beautiful canvas! the feather pattern reminds me of frost in golden light- a simple and elegant version of swan light ! I love your combination of photos too- always a journey visiting you here :)

  11. ich bin ganz und gar hingerissen von deinem federgoldenen schwanenlichtflügel!
    und all die wunderbaren pinterest schwäne - so schön!
    ich schick dir liebe grüße, hab eine feine adventszeit!

  12. this was close...
    yet another mad week, it feels.
    but i'm beginning to see the weekend... ;)))

    the new drawing challenge theme is up! n♥

  13. Delicate, golden, whispery, light. So atmospheric and beautiful.



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