Sonntag, 15. November 2015

dc #180: DEER

At Friday the 13th I flew
 along the Elbchaussee, the long avenue alongside the River Elbe,
to the old Deer Park. Because I live in a big city when I wanna see
some deers, I have to visit a compound. Well, this is a pretty one,
even on a November morning.

I found the herd of deer at the manger, together with
a family of peacocks. They were faraway and the grid was between
 us, but with my telephoto lens that has been conquerable.

I followed an oak.

At that evening I started to try some
freehand drawings with a brush in black.

Suddenly, a big sound of detonation during
the friendly game FRA - GER in Paris freezes the blood in my veins
and the following horror let slip life like a deer on ice.

It seems like war has arrived in Europe.

I put my brush in black and draw on slippery paper
and add some fern to hide for a time

Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

You, my dearest niece Malina, already understand, of course,
you just turned 19 on that Friday. Do you remember that days
back in 2012 in Paris? We met there, you and your mom came 
from Montreal and me from Hamburg, there in Paris,
the city of love and it ever will be


– we do not allow something different.

This is the 180th of drawing challenge! We come together from all over the world and make art. Dear Tammie Lee from Montana is our host this weekend with her theme DEER. Please follow the track to other participants on her beautiful place.


No. 178 Cover
No. 179 Liminal

No. 180 DEER at Tammie Lee's

next: No. 181 CALM at Veronica's
at this weekend, the 21st + 22nd of November

8 Kommentare:

  1. isn't it so, shockingly, how we are woken up from concentration on art by reality? i have many mixed emotions, and i allow myself to mainly focus on dear deer, on how fragile they frolic sometimes, how sincere they look into the world and into our own eyes. thank you for your walk to the park and back. you caught deer's innocence well. x n♥

  2. i LOVE your drawings with brush in black
    and those ferns.... wauw....
    sweet deer, like Nadine says, so fragile and innocence
    wishing the world was more like them
    .... i wanted to draw or paint, but i didn't
    i posted a little post because i really wanted to participate
    i love this arty group we started so long ago
    drawing challenge 180! wauw....
    with love
    and yes, i am still here ;^))

  3. yes, our hearts are wrenched with concern and trouble now.
    always so hard to fathom though war has been so long in our history.

    your lovely photos of autumn and the critters are a joy to see, nature brings me home to center. your line drawings are lovely, calming and perfect with the ferns.

  4. Ariane, I am going to add you to the 'linky' on my blog. xo

  5. I followed your lovely story from the grass path through the old photograph, then seeing actual deer. Loved your deer drawings.
    Your deer hiding in ferns is delightful, they are safe.

  6. Oh, well done Ariane! I love the way you drew their little bums. So charming. If only we could all be as happy and as safe as the deer in the ferns. Maybe our art is a step towards healing. I think so.

    So how about a new drawing challenge: Calm

    Maybe everyone could use a little more calm.

  7. Großartige Skizzen, du kannst es total!
    ...für alles andere habe ich keine Worte...
    Grüße von Ulrike

  8. Love your sweet deer drawings and the autum pictures!
    Praying for the peace in the world!
    Have a nice week!



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