Sonntag, 8. November 2015

dc #179: LIMINAL

I've went a half round around the Binnenalster (the Inner Alster) to
the Hamburger Kunsthalle to meet Barbara Bee for the exhibit of Emil Nolde
this Friday

Did you recognize the grey in the photos? Grey: not black, not white, somewhere between.
 A dangerous color, too close to a depression. Maybe, 'cause it feels like stagnation, but it isn't. Here it means the '1' of a breathing in exercise, the little break between two regular breathing, liminal

7 – 1 – 7

(same between ebb and flow)

So, when I am in limbo

 I wrap myself in a cuddly (fake) fur and 
hold the rope, my golden thread of love, a little bit tighter

and enjoy some more exhibits:
Visual leader in the Deichtorhallen
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe
Art Tea Shop No. 9 from Lili Nalovi + Jesko Willert

I have found at the flower shop some very early willow catkin
(not so grey like those I used for the dc #165) and make a cape for my paper doll (of the very first drawing challenge!) add new arms and a crown of a single, dried blossom of a hydrangea and, of course, the golden thread.

Veronica is our host for this weekend's drawing challenge No. 179 with her theme 'liminal'.
It has been a celebration, Dear, thank you! (I've photographed the sparrows in pic 3 for you)

For more, please visit her amazing place.

And now (or later) have a good night.
Sun will rise, i. a. few hours, again

9 Kommentare:

  1. i have to say, i know that place by the water so well, the fountain and the deck, mostly through your images, but then, also beause it is the very spot bee and i sat relaxing, just last summer... it is the plae where i was thinking of you too, as we sat there watching the life happening around us.

    i think it is a mighty good idea to fill the cup with artistic ambition and vision, and go fill the pond again, by means of looking at others' works. how lovely to meet up with bee in doing so! a joy to look at your little report here. yes, of course tea is compulsory.

    and that velvety soft kätzchen frock... a coat to live in.. your little doll's concoction is so very you, adorable. she wants to be framed, i think, to bring you joy, so as not to forget...

    your very last image is so fetching for these autumnal days that hastily run into the coming winter. it is the promise of the darkness, before we light up on christmas eve lights. yes. let the fête begin. x n♥

  2. Ich finde das Grau hat auch immer etwas Magisches... es macht alles ein bißchen diffus. Deine Paperdoll sieht aus wie eine Blumenelfe. Wunderschön.
    Herzliche Grüße nach Hamburg

  3. Well then, that grey could really go either way, couldn't it? That's an absolutely fantastic interpretation Ariane. I often feel in that grey space and the edge of depression is right there, right there for me to step over. I must always guard against that. Thank you so much for the sparrows. I do love those humble little birds, and, as for your beautiful paper doll, maybe when I feel like I'm in that grey liminal space, I shall wrap myself in a cape of pussy willows too. Biggest hugs in the world my friend. X

  4. Du hast es geschafft, mein Fernweh zu wecken. Reisen ist ja auch etwas zwischen Fortgehen und Ankommen, zwischen Schwarz und Weiß. Gut, wenn man einen warmen Weidenkätzchenmantel dabei hat.
    Viele Grüße von Lucia

  5. i like the thought of gray as an in-between
    it is gray here today
    with some raindrops
    your photos are lovely, a bit dreamy for me
    and your art is entirely charming

  6. Arianne, I really like your interpretation here, grey as liminal. It is that in-between, so beautiful, that can also lean toward depression. Thanks for sharing your wonderful, dreamy photos.

  7. do we have anyone for DC this week? If not i will announce it tomorrow, Monday. I am thinking: deer

    1. Yes, Tammie, Dear, 'deer' is a wonderful theme! Thank you!
      Love, Ariane



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