Samstag, 21. November 2015

dc #181: CALM

In case of darkness or chaos, feelings ran high

{doesn't matter if inside or outside}

brace yourself, turn you heart in direction of light and be:

The theme of this week's drawing challenge is 'calm'.
I've used here a first aid blanket for this theme: 

it remind me on people that were wrapped in it last week
in Paris after the attack, survived, under shock, golden.

Here, I've taken the foil as background 
for my appeal 'be calm', that I've built with soft pink ribbon. 
Nothing is forever, but these one was too volatile 
(and the kink fold too dominant). 
So I simply have written 'calm' with a permanent pencil 
on a small piece of the first aid blanket and have framed it with
 a rusted picture frame (as a reminder, saved from the Castle). 
For this I'd to be very calm, because the foil is slippy and 
 tears asunder at the edges fairly quickly.

{look, it works even as a reflector for photographing}

Later, I've wrapped myself in that first aid blanket:
it reflects the body warmth (self-reflection) and I have felt safety
and – like a big reflector of light by myself!

I am sure, we all have to calm down, now, 
calm down and shine for love and peace. 

For this weeks drawing challenge No 181 
Veronica is our host - thank you, Darling! - 
with this important theme.

Please visit her wonderful place for more calming. 

Thank you for your visit here.

 I will come to your places this weekend.


No. 180 DEER

now: No. 181 CALM at Veronica's
at this weekend, the 21st + 22nd of November


12 Kommentare:

  1. Oh my gosh, I feel positively teary at the memory of your ordeal at the old castle and all that emergency blanket represents to so many. We all need to be wrapped in an emergency blanket every now and then. So beautifully done and so very emotive with the calming pink reflections. Thank you so much dear Ariane. Biggest hugs. X

  2. complex creation, your safety blanket and its own will.... such a beautiful catharsis from your own life, saving this frame, staying calm over a reality that has kept you and your family in a vacuum, albeit a lion's palace, the eisenbach castle is hopefully awaiting your return in summer. be calm, carry on waiting. ;))) x n♥

  3. such a meaningful expression of calm
    my heart is a bit aflutter in considering those blankets and their use
    you have brought beauty and calm to the tragedies
    thank you dear Ariane

  4. Bedeutungsschwer und schön...das muss man können.

  5. wow Ariane das ist wunderschön! to use this blanket... great idea!
    and than this tiny frame from the castle... wise woman you are.
    x Stefanie

  6. You've made a beautiful post. The gold of the blankets combined with the roses. Food for thought. - eric

  7. that sentence:
    'because the foil is slippery and tears asunder at the edges fairly quickly'
    ... sweet dear friend, it all makes me emotional
    thinking of Paris (and other places)
    thinking of the fire....
    and your art so CALMing....
    all those soft and embracing pink colors
    thank you!

  8. Wunderschön!! Your post is a meaningful and calming meditation after tragedy! Simply beautiful! xoxo

  9. This is pure magic. Sad but comforting.

  10. Was für eine ungewöhnliche Idee, nicht nur Gold als beruhigende Entsprechung anzusehen, sondern auch noch eine Rettungsdecke zu verwenden. Deine Worte und ie wundervollen Fotos strahlen einfach diese Ruhe aus, mit oder ohne Gold, immer.
    barbara bee



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