Samstag, 24. September 2016

update: AC #198: TIDE

Rain at low water

Here I am, back at the next flood

As you already know,
I been to Sylt last weekend.
I was so excited by the ocean: the open horizon, the ever changing light,
the periodical TIDE

My friend of dark nights, Luna, is the reason for the TIDE:
its gravitational attraction makes the flood on earth
(do you know, that on the other side of it, there is even a flood, at the same time?
It's from the centrifugal force)

So I've drawn with oil pastel the phases of the moon and
the phases of tideland (see above)

Hello, again, at Rose!
I am the host of these Art Challenge #198. My theme is TIDE
and these artists are my team-mates:

Susanna Redeker, later, welcome!
trying Lisa HerzfrischTammie Lee, not sure not this time, watching Leena Vainio of vivere est, with best wishes from Ritva Palander ;-)
Any more fares?

Thank you for playing! Wish you a happy weekend.

Love, Ariane

PS: You can turn pages of beautiful drawings of waves 
from Ha Bun Shu by Yusan, Mori, 1919, here


No. 197 Room with A VIEW 

No. 198 TIDE
here, this weekend

Who wanna host AC #199?

16 Kommentare:

  1. Thanks for the fruit. Fruit is always nice. Very nicely presented as well. In the meantime I have posted my tide. Thanks for hosting!

  2. brilliant, ariane. i was here 1/2 hour ago and, erm, got out. apple and peach... awfuly sweet, but i was puzzled, to say the least.
    just now i find (also via fb) you're in with the flood. and tide. alrighty.
    mine will appear tomorrow, for good reasons that will be then revealed.
    in the meantime, fleamarket coughed up a few pearls! X n♥
    THANK U for hosting!!

  3. Lovely post.
    Your landscapes I find to be soothing.
    Your moon banner is beautiful.
    Lovely photos too.
    I will not be able to join you. Just so much going on the past two weeks through this weekend.
    Thank you for hosting though.

  4. I like the delicate touch of these calm colours in your artwork Ariane. The three make a nice hanging. I always am amazed about what forces (of the natural world) influence our world. I like to think that we all see the same moon. I like your moon photos and often when I look up to see a full moon for example, I think to myself: "There's Ariane's moon". I think I think this because you take so many gorgeous shots of it. N,x

  5. So lovely! I thought they were photographs of the moon! And those gentle paintings of the ocean...I could be lost in them. Your post is a treat dearest and now I get to visit everyone else and click on your link to Ha Bun Shu. Thank you, thank you so much for hosting. I really needed this. :D

  6. as said on FB
    i just LOVE this post, all of it!
    that sweet moon (do you remember mine?)
    the sea, always the sea
    your beautiful (beautiful!!) drawings
    .... sigh.....

    wish i had more time
    but i made something!
    the smell of ink, playing around
    a smile on my face

  7. Hello and thank you Ariane. Love everything about this post! The colour, calm, moon….. everything.
    Have a wonderful week. xo

  8. Beautiful delicate ocean pastels. The one with the three pastels looks like a cabin (or room...) with a view. Thanks for the link and for hosting - eric

  9. Your tide paintings are marvelous, so are the moon phases. I am always fascinated by the fact, you are often using subtle colors and turning them into something truly powerful.

  10. seeing your paintings i want to go to the beach again....i've grown up at the sea, now i live more in the land. luckily my family still live there, so i can visit them and the sea with the tides!

  11. Ooooh, your moon phase garland! I love it! And your paintings are beautiful, too. I'm longing to live close the sea. Maybe one day...

  12. Ah, your tide is here now. Nice! You are giving is so much more than just the tide. Most enjoyable!

  13. Hi Ariane!!! Thank you for your comment!!!!!!! I am happy to hear that your little mermaid is a dreamer. i tell you, my "little" red hair mermaid (32 years old) is pregnant and now here we are all dreamers too. :)

  14. Hi, I was wondering I could join in? How do I go about it? Thank you.

  15. your tide looks so slow and soothing.. beautiful artwork. and I love how you've strung the moon phases up.



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