Freitag, 2. September 2016

in color

The color version of the bouquet. 
I've bought the flowers from the market today* 

It is Friday today and I am at home in the Castle at the Eisenbach – on my own 
for the first time after 6 weeks school holidays. 

I've sketched out some letters in big size and we've colored it with busy neighbourladies. 

'cause: Tomorrow we will have a celebration! 
(it reeks of home-baked cake on the balcony)

I will report :-) Happy weekend to you!

Love, Ariane. Rose

* Cosmea, quinces, spindle tree, purple snapdragon, leaves of raspberry, green rose hips – and roses (sorry, dear florist Geli, but I have to add roses to it!)


  1. waw. you are making me curious. you seem to be very well prepared...
    have a wonderful celebration! may the weather gods be with you.

  2. congrats
    and have fun!
    this evening i will make
    karamelkoek and
    think of you



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