Montag, 18. Juli 2011


Room 606 of the Hotel SAS is still original designed by Designer Arne Jacobsen.

I've found the main station of Copenhagen two streets along of our friends and purchased some literature... ELLE Interiör from Sweden. Mmmmh, delicious!

The still- life with pink flowers in a yellow jug is from David Hockney. 
His exhibition 'me draw on I pad' is in Louisiana Museum of Modern Art just now.



  1. dear ariane, looks lovely,
    i was once slept outside the central station in copenhagen with a friend!
    and i'd love to visit louisiana. one fine day.

  2. I hope your enjoying your stay in Copenhagen, Ariane! lovely pictures as ever.
    I saw that Hockney exhibition at the Saint Laurent foundation in Paris (how chic does that sound), it was amazing.
    (there is a little award for you on my blog)

  3. I've wanted to visit Lousiana since I was 16 and saw an amazing poster for some exhibition. Still haven't been. Love the chandelier. Must be nice to go away sometimes.

  4. liebe (hoffentlich gut erholte) heimkehrerin!

    schöne lichtvolle augenblicke hast du eingefangen. lassen mich träumen. von meiner wunschbesuchsstadt...

    und sehr erfreuend. deine luftigen wolkennasen, die sicher manchmal tropfen...

    bambi von ur und laub

  5. I am so jealous! Look at that sea of bicycles! I want to hijack one and ride all over that city.
    Thanks for sharing your view. I like what you saw ( see).

    I chose a theme for this week. Come on over!

  6. Copenhagen (or Kööpenhamina, as we call it in Finnish) is a place I would love to see. Someone once told me it's not a very pretty place, but they must have been wrong about it. All the pictures I've seen are full of interesting details, just like these ones. Thank you for taking us along!

  7. so schöne bilder aus meiner lieblingsstadt (k. kommt noch vor stockholm, aber nach hamburg...) - und mein liebstes louisiana, das tollste kunstmuseum am meer. danke dir dafür und wünsch dir noch fröhliche ferientage!

  8. Kopenhagen!
    never visit
    only went trough
    by train
    on my way to Finland
    long, long time ago
    on my wish list for years!
    maybe next Spring....

  9. i`ve been to Copenhagen only once and briefly- i`d love to visit again.
    nice pictures : )



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