Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

Spaziergang im Licht / Walk in the light

Die Königin der Burg am Eisenbach 
hatte nur kurz auf ihrem Kissen gesessen, als sie ihre Familie zum Aufbruch drängte... das Licht und die Wärme treibt sie nach draußen.

The Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach 
has sat only a short time on her pillow, as she urges her family for breakup... the light and the warmth drives them in the open.

Angelockt vom Duft des Waldes
geraten sie vom Weg ab... doch davon merken sie nichts. Beäugt von Gestalten klettern die Prinzessinnen und der Prinz in den Bäumen, jauchzend.

Decoyed from the smell of the wood 
they go astrey... but of this they don't notice. Eyed by guises the Princesses and the Prince climbs in the trees, jubilating.

Kaskaden aus Licht strömen von oben...

Cascades of light streams from above...

...geben den Blick frei 
auf Drüsentragendes Springkraut, diese wunderbare (Bach)-Blüte gegen Ungeduld.

... give a free sight 
on Impatiens glandulifera, this wonderful (Bach)-blossom against chut.

Sie finden einen Teich... 
und die Königin erinnert sich, dass sie hier höchstpersönlich eines Winters mit ihrer Schwester und Vater Schlittschuh gelaufen ist... 'hier ist das?!' 
Jetzt weiß sie wieder, wo sie sind: im Wesselhoeft Park!
Und kurz danach erreichen sie...

They find a pond... 
and the Queen remembers that here in winter she in the flesh together with her sister and father skated... 'here it is?!'
Now she knows where they are: in the Wesselhoeft Park!
And short while after they come to...

 den weißen Fluss, die Elbe.

the white river, the Elbe.

Es ist wie im Sommerurlaub:

Its like summer holiday

Es sind 24°C an einem 2. Oktober in Hamburg! 
Letztes Jahr haben sie sich noch mit einer Tasse heißem Tee gewärmt...

It is 24°C at a 2. October in Hamburg! 
Last year they've warmed up with a cup of hot tea...


  1. they are always such a thrill, the wanderings about of the Eisenbach & company... the light, the oozing october light... you caught it well, honey.

  2. wauw!
    dreamy walk through woods
    and alongside the Elbe
    beautiful light
    I can almost feel the warmth


  3. it is so nice to see you all enjoying these beautiful october days, they feel like holiday indeed, sun, trees, water and smiling faces, wonderful trip! x

  4. Oh yes, we had the same temperatures. Lovely for the moment, but it makes me even more worried about the future of this planet.
    A beautiful day, creates beautiful memories and even more so, beautiful shots. So glad you photographed the Bach-blossom. My garden is full of it, and I had no idea what it was.
    Lovely week, The Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach

  5. I love this place. Someday we want to visit Germany. It's always been a dream of my husbands, only recently, upon meeting you and looking through our lens, do I want to visit too!

  6. I must salute the Queen for capturing these wonderful moments in the most magical places! These have, and will be my sweet escape of the modern world, whenever I have a minute or two to spare. So please know that I come by every now and then, even though in my rush I can't always type a simple word of hello! :)
    Much love,

  7. dear ariane, gutenmorgen,
    so i have heard that europe has been blessed with indian summer, how nice! enjoy it!
    *as i can see you already do*
    here it is still warmth but in the north up on the mountain where i am at times the nights are crisp and cool.
    that breakfast table of yours. wonderful. the macinetta is my most important kitchen tool i guess! and i am always excited about the german brunches and breakfasts, they know how to do it!



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