Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

Sammlung von historischen Dosen / Collection of vintage tins

Auf den Boden der Tatsachen ist die Sammlung von historischen Blechdosen gelandet.
Viele davon sind Reisemitbringsel.

Down to earth has landed the collection of vintage tins.
Many of them are travel souvenirs.


Es ist nun schon 30 Jahre her, dass wir... meine Schwester, unsere Freundin und ich...
in Brighton bei den Andrews waren...

Now it is already 30 years ago that we... my sister, our friend and I...
were in Brighton with the Andrews...

und  sie, meine Freundin von früher und heute 
war damals die Einzige, die sich später an den Schnupftabak traute... 

Erinnerungen nehmen erstaunliche Wege.

and  she, my friend of past and present 
was at that time the only one that has dared with the snuff tobacco later...  

Memories takes amazing ways.


  1. yay..stunning and beautiful..these tins are gorgeous and all carry little stories and memories..fabulous post! Lovely to read!
    Shine on!!I love tins too...

    1. Its just the tip of the iceberg... of tins and things and memories. There are times when they come to daylight... again. But you know that, dear Victoria!
      x Ariane.

  2. hello there! stumbled in from somewhere....

    these are just so beautiful, holding memory and place.

  3. dear,
    are you taking trips down memory lane?!
    looks like a nice thing to do on late february days...
    is that the back of your sister?
    i like old tins and have a huge collection as well.
    oh oh oh clutter of things, but beautiful things!

    love to you
    enjoy your weekend

    1. Oh, yes,
      dearest Sara,
      you're right, I'm taking trips down memory lane!
      I recognize that I've emotionally charged so many things... that makes it not easy to let them go. To clean up can be a really hard job in different ways!

      Love to you...
      and pull down the wall!
      x Ariane.

    2. Forgot ... thats the back of my friend.

  4. great collection!
    and i really like that last photo!

    it seems to be in the air, i´ve been on the same lane :)
    hugs, dear!

  5. bei dir gibt es wundervolle exemplare! mir gefallen besonders die maja-nadeln und die belladonna-dose. LEBEWOHL, liebe ariane - diese schachtel habe ich auch! liebe grüße, mano



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