Montag, 17. Juni 2013

update: Ferienlust

Ich packe in meinen Korb... 

I pack in my basket...

eine Dose voll Rosenduft und schöne Lektüre... 

a tin full of scent of a rose and neat reading

Meeresrauschen und Musik, äh, Lieblingsmusik! 

sound of the sea and music, ahem, favourite music!

Viel Spaß, liebe Sabine W.-P. aus LG beim Konzert :)
Ich sitze derweil Zuhause...

 I will come to your mornings, noons and nights this eve.

Update: Our next hostess of the weekly drawing challenge is dear Kristen... (sorry, I get confused with the chronology...  Sabine... Miss Herzfrisch is the host the week after)


  1. ohja .... lieblingsmusik. seemannsgaRn und depeche mode. gRandios. einen schönen abend diR.

  2. treasures to see
    and hear
    precious moments in life ~

    may i ask, are you the original host of DC?

  3. depeche mode!!!!!!!!!

    Im off to youtube for some all the photos by the way especially your beautiful sideboard and objects. I love objects and plates on the wall look lovely.

    Have a great week Ariane

    Helen x

    1. ooooh and basket......really love that basket :))

  4. beautiful, beautiful corners to your home! every time i see these, i long to start decorating too, fingers itching... and it always seems to be put off again, by means of other things to be done first. i need a holiday!! ;)))

  5. Mal so von Trüffelschwein zu Trüffelschwein, deine Sammlung ist aber auch so gar nicht von schlechten Eltern, SEUFZ! Ich muß doch unbedingt mal vorbeikommen und alles genauestens beschnüffeln.
    Hab ne schöne Woche!


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