Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013

Super Mond (noch einmal,weil er so schön war)

   Kurz hatte ich ihn schon gesehen... da, hinter den Wolken. 
Ich schleiche in der Nacht zu Montag durch die Burg am Eisenbach 
auf der Suche nach dem besten Blick.

Fleeting I have seen him... there, behind the clouds.
In the night to Monday I tiptoe through the Castle at the Eisenbach
 in the quest of the best view.

Auf dem Balkon bei den Rosen finde ich eine gute Position und in einem
 lichten Augenblick weht ein barmherziges Lüftchen dann auch alle Äste weg und ich kann ihn ganz sehen...

On the balcony at the roses I find a good position and in 
a lucid moment a gracious breeze wafts sure enough all branches away and I can see 
him complete...

in dieser besonderen Nacht... in that special night


  1. Thanks for this lovely glimpse dear Ariane - I missed seeing her here.
    Love -sus

  2. such wonderful moon images
    would make beautiful greeting cards

  3. Your moon was visiting us a little later in the night. Wasn't it glorious!
    xo Carole

  4. i have to be honest. i missed it out completely this time!
    shame on me.
    luckily i can see how beautiful it was here.
    sweet dreams.

  5. aaah, the moon
    i knew it was there
    but couldn't see it
    because of all the clouds

    thank you for sharing!
    Patrice A.

  6. i only caught a glimpse of 'im as he was moving out of the corner of my window. as usual i was heavenly late... n♥

  7. No super moon here on solstice but this gives me a sense of what was missed!



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