Samstag, 14. September 2013

dc No 115 HEALTH

I've went to the market... 
health in my mind I've brought some food for the body and the soul.
Later in the Castle at the Eisenbach I call:

"Eat the fruits! I have already photographed them..."

Maybe one can do something for the health, maybe not.
 One day as the doctor gave me a call at a Sunday noon, because the test results were bad and a surgery necessary, it was shaking in my boots... but the surgery was successful and after years, I am used to a close monitoring.

I didn't made something wrong to get ill, there is no blame. 
So, am I, are we at the mercy of destiny?

Maybe health is a play.. of cells, of the right balance... a vibration
(think at TCM, Ayurveda and other ways to promote health)

a freely flow of energy 

 I take healthy elderberry juice, watercolour paper and start...
do what my hand with the brush wanna do... let it flow.

The theme of this week's drawing challenge (the 115th) is health
Please take a look at all the wonderful artists here:

Thanks for playing and... Bless you!


today: No 115 HEALTH at the 14th + 15th of September, here

No 116 at the 21st + 22nd of September at Patrice's

Who is our next host?


10 Kommentare:

  1. ha! destiny's mercy. now you've got my attention... i am convinced we have aways got to be lucky too. quite simply.

    your elderberry is talking to you, ariane. the free flow is quite convincing. the powerful effect brings back to mind a love like blood. you do remember, don't you?

  2. gesunde bildeR. im doppelten sinne.
    so hübsch deR faRbton.
    liebst. käthe.

  3. ein interessantes thema, was zum philosophieren, ich bin froh, dass es dir gut geht, Ariane!
    jemand sagte mir mal, dass jeder irgendwas hätte, es gäbe niemanden der ohne krankheit oder schicksal sei, verstehst?
    und ich würde von deinem obstangebot krank werden, bin so ziemlich gegen alles allergisch.
    wie immer schöne fotos!
    sei lieb gegrüßt und danke x stefanie

  4. maybe we can not manage our health, but it happens that if we do nothing for ourselves, we feel guilty, and we should consider that health is not just the body, is also our mind, to try to be happy, only to be alive, is healthy.:))
    good week for you!

  5. Mercy of destiny... well I often wonder, if everything
    predetermined, like with these brothers
    really spooky.
    I guess what we can do is, try to life healthy and happy!
    Oh and I love this freely flowing juice pic.
    Schönes Wochenende

  6. a beautiful flower, a dahlia!
    painted with bloodcolored juice
    i love your painting!
    and you are such a sweet mother!!!

    i am a bit late
    and just made a quick pencil drawing
    your theme was on my mind all week
    made me remember the time Oldest was young
    and sick all the time.... now he is a strong young man
    of almost 16!

    have a fine, fine sunday!
    x x x

  7. die holunderbeerenmalerei find ich so schön - ich muss meinen dringend ernten, sonst sind die vögel wieder schneller! vielleicht auch zum malen, aber noch eher zum saftbereiten. ich mag gesundes!
    liebe grüße von mano

  8. Beautiful and flowing! and edible :) love it all- I can't imagine ever going ill in your house, your photos are so restorative in nature...or nurture - thank you for a theme with so much to ponder on

  9. dear Ariane, the way you painted that flower, as straight from the heart, yes like blood flowing, flowing thoughts...
    and yes we need luck we always need luck (and suppleness, adaptability and imagination when luck wasn't there ;)
    your photos, a joy to look at , do i notice some old medicine bottles there :) you are so very good in telling stories with the help of your camera, wonderful post and an interesting theme, thanks sweet queen, xx

  10. beauty, dear ariane,
    health, just like many other aspects of life is often beyond our comprehension.
    but as in your pictures, when health is healthy, it is so full of vitality.

    and beauty!
    take care,
    big hug



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