Samstag, 7. September 2013


Bei schönstem Sonnenschein 
wandel ich immer noch hoch oben am Eisenbach
und lausche den Lichtspielen in der Burg...

At most beautifully sunshine
 I still stroll high above the Eisenbach
 and listen carefully to the play of lights in the Castle...


bis zum Sonnenuntergang... til sunset.

Und morgen, am Sonntag habe ich Ausgang und...

And tomorrow, at Sunday I will have a pass and...

treffe Barbara Bee und zum ersten Mal Mano und fRau Käthe!

will meet those fantastic Ladies!


  1. well.... isn't that all something{s} to look forward to? the gals, today. hugs to you all, dear blog friends.

    you've given us plenty, as usual, in this blogpost... hope son is feeling good (and pampered??). i end up right in the middle of a romantic mood through your images here.
    i'm sending the sun over!

  2. A particularly beautiful set of images, Ariane. Those figs...!!!
    Glad to see your Injured One is sitting up and getting some sunshine.
    wishing you well for your visit! -sus

  3. leben statt lesen .... feine woRte. zugleich mein lieblingsbild. buchseiten und oRchideenblüten. wundeRhübsch.
    heRzlich. käthe.

  4. how i would have loved
    to be there too!!!

    i love your images
    especially the white ones
    with 'no' color
    with the grasses, the leaves....

    i had to think of you this weekend
    while walking the Streets of Venice with my mother
    i think you would have loved it like she did ;^))

    Patrice A.

    i would like to be the host for the dc
    but NOT THIS WEEKEND! our youngest will be 13
    maybe the next, 21-22 september ?

  5. oh wow, was für großartige lichtspiele!
    ich liebe ja dieses bündel lampenschirme. irgendwann muss ich das auch mal in angriff nehmen.

    liebe grüße und einen schönen wochenstart,

  6. Deiner Photos sind wunderbar, beautiful, thanks for the inspiration!



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