Freitag, 27. September 2013


Bin auf dem Markt gewesen... überall herrlichste Stillleben
Habe mir ein wenig davon in die Burg am Eisenbach geholt

Have been to the market... anywhere magnificent still lifes
Fetched a little into the Castle at the Eisenbach

Ein bisschen Zitrone zum Tee? Some lemon for your tea?

Wish you a happy weekend!

PS: Next host of the dc will be Stefanie Seltner at next WE... same as last year...


  1. i like your still life tableaus. i'd like to translate them into quiet lives, lives, or the life i am longing for and cannot seem to locate easily these days. the only way is up, right?
    you too, have a splendid weekend! perhaps a little sun. x n♥

  2. wunderschön, ja, ich liebe auch den Herbst mit seinen Farben und Früchten. Deine Fotos sehen wie alte Gemälde aus!
    x Stefanie

  3. love still lifes and also enjoy the vitality of pomegranate lately.
    hugs to you, dear.



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