Samstag, 23. Januar 2016

dc #185: REEF

At the 4th of Decembre 1971 in the casino of Montreux/Switzerland a fire broke out. 
The band Deep Purple was there and after been rescued, watched the smoke on the Lake Geneva from the hotel room. They came to term with the song 'Smoke on the Water'. 
It starts with a riff, the German word for REEF...

Great song, isn't it?!

And, I am not sure, but doesn't it looks like a coral reef, 
there, at the bottom of the Lake Geneva, in the moonlight?


Oh, I have so many basic approaches to this theme REEF! For me it was hard to decide, which way I wanna go. Finally, my hubby told me about riffs on the guitar... once he had taught exactly that riff to our little redhead!

For this week's drawing challenge I have paint in watercolours and oil crayon. Our hostess to the theme REEF is Katrin Seltner of Fischefrauen. Please swim over to her place to find more reefs.

Love, Ariane. Rose


8 Kommentare:

  1. Oh my gosh, the minute you said smoke on the water, that distinctive guitar riff started playing in my mind! Love it! Also love your watercolour/oil crayon work. Beautifully done. :D PS: I can host next week if no one has signed on. Let me know because I think Woolfie girl was planning something too. Hugs X

  2. The riff and the reef, love them both.- eric

  3. your work is great and dark, for the few winter months to come, before we chan shed all our layers again, into springtime. first though, 'our darkness'.... i didn't know that about deep purple! thxs for enlightening me in my hour of gloom... ;)))
    oh, too right, yeah. i did say i was going to host. veronica? go ahead, i'll take the weekend following you!

  4. love the dark colors
    it's how i feel....

    and thanXX
    188 will be fine ;^)))
    looking forward

  5. Oh, so beautiful dark colours! What strikes me most is the light in your painting, which absolutely seems to be from the moon above! Wow! I didn't know about that Deep Purple story either, great approach to that theme!

  6. I have not heard this song for long. thanks for sharing some history on it. Loved seeing your photos. your piece is wonderfully moody.

  7. Ariane, which do I love more: the story, the song, the fact that Deep Purple's riff will be forever part of musical history! AND I love how you've used the blues and purples in your art and tied it in with Deep Purple's riff. Very clever! xo

  8. Das Riff im Mondlicht und ein Gitarrenriff dazu: wundersame Kombination - sehr sehr schön. Danke und viele Grüße von Lucia



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