Montag, 11. Januar 2016

Kreise UPDATE: dc this weekend!

So ziehen wir unsere Kreise durch das Leben,
durch die Jahreszeiten

So we create circles through the life,
through the seasons

durch den Tag

through the day

at the own rhythm

Maybe this is our new theme for the drawing challenge {No. 184},
right dear Veronica?

Yay! it is: this weekend,
the 16th + 17th of January 2016
at Veronica's with RHYTHM

R. I. P. David Bowie

3 Kommentare:

  1. will keep my eyes peeled for the progress on this one then.
    i had to look up the word 'kreise', and was surprised at its meaning. sounds different, yet the same. oh, yes, turn, turn, turn....
    beautiful scenes here again, n♥

  2. such a lovely strand of wintry images.
    is Veronica hosting? I will go ask her.
    lovely 2016 to you!

  3. Part one! and Part two! Both beautiful images and thoughts.


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