Samstag, 16. Januar 2016

dc #184: RHYTHM (II)

I was impressed by a news article of 14 young whales, 
who hadn't found the right way into the Atlantic Ocean and 
have died at the coasts of the Netherlands' and Germans' 
Islands of the North Sea, last week.

A photo was taken from above, out of a helicopter, I think.
One can see the (now) flat bodies of some whales and blood and 
the traces of the digger (for opening the whale bodies, 
before they can explode from gas of rot).

The feeling of the end of an era (on different levels)

It makes me feel so, so sad. It scares me. But:
Try to get no apathy, but the right dosis of sympathy for 
the bigger picture of the rhythm of life and death

I have a coffee and imagine 
the seaside with a wide horizon and the rhythm of wash of waves.

Calm the breath, calm the mind

Welcome back to the first drawing challenge this year! 
This 184th of the dc is hosted by Veronica and her theme is RHYTHM.

I have worked with lead pencil and oil crayon on paper (20cmx30cm)
and with this drawing I close a bracket to the

Please come to Veronica's place to find more of RHYTHM.

I wish you a happy weekend.

Love, Ariane.Rose

13 Kommentare:

  1. Trotz (oder wegen) der Tragik eindrucksvoll...

  2. this is so sad about the whales
    and wonderful that this event touched you and entered your art. It is worthwhile to consider a larger picture, yet whales dying on earth feels like a huge wrong event.

    your photos are lovely Ariane.

  3. rhythm of life and death
    my first thought....
    those whales
    i saw it on the news
    so sad
    but a wonderful soft drawing

    i am in
    although i didn't make something
    i miss the dc
    and would love to host one again


  4. Sad beginning but then you created something hopeful and beautiful. The circle of life.

  5. Finding the balance and keeping the rhythm is often a struggle, especially when compassionate people (YOU) feel so deeply. Isn't art wonderful for helping us work through it all. Take care, Ariane. xo

  6. Ariane!
    please PLEASE i love to host
    but not next weekend
    this coming week i have to work 6 days
    and the week after 4....
    so no time to host
    can you put me on the end, please!....

    1. Of course, Dear. As I wake up in the morning, it comes to my mind, that is could be a missunderstanding, that you will host so soon... or a wish of me ;-)
      Kisses, left right left

  7. and yes... life and death rhythms can make us feel weary... in your image the whales and helicopter become kind of one, which is how it is in the universe, isn't it? you've pinpointed this, again. how sweet your worry of the whale. however sad, nature does is cruel...

    and you did, didn't you? notice we're at rhythm n°2. it's an encore, and we need it! ah, rhythm. and now for some more tea and biscuits! (not really, am moving my butt over to the stove. must start supper...).
    x n♥

  8. Oh that is so sad about the whales. I know that whales do beach themselves sometimes, but I wonder why that happens. Poor creatures. It's wonderful that you could commemorate them and their lives. Big hugs.

  9. oh yes, I was impressed,too and and news of that kind are scary... I love your post, Ariane!
    x Stefanie

  10. Sad and touching and aptly commemorated - thank you for that

  11. Beautiful and sad, both in one. Such impressive creatures. I know what you mean about feeling the end of an aera. Feel similarly. But perhaps something new will start. We just don't see it yet. Your posting - wonderful as always!



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