Samstag, 30. Januar 2016


Von hoch oben 
Sah ich das Fruchtbare
Da fasste ich mir ein Herz 
Sprang in den Schoß
Und nahm (mal wieder) 
Gestalt an


From high above 
I saw the fruitfulness
Then I took heart
Jumped into the womb
And (once again) 
Have taken shape 

Veronica is our host for this week's
drawing challenge No 186 today. Her theme is

 Shinrin Yoku (森林浴)
forest bathing

For my forest bathing I have made a drawing with oil pastels of
an aerial view of a woodland... from my mother's conception... Maybe that's the reason, why I love a stroll in the woods (as you know, when you browse through my blog). And the best of all is a stroll in the woods at the seaside. Here are photos of different woods: island of Rügen (at the seaside!), a forest in the South of Hamburg and in the North.

For more forest bathing please walk to her place.

But first I wanna tell ya something about my sister:
She is living for over 20 years in Montreal, east coast of Canada, now. When my sister came to this wide land, she played a lottery/auction, where one can win a piece of land... and last December,
 she's received a letter from her HM Elizabeth II:
she has won a piece of a wood in the North, in the province Quebec, close to the mouth of the Saint Lawrence river for 100 years! It is in the very wilderness and far away from any street, in order that she can reach that place only by prop plane. She and her life mate F. used orange stripes of cloth to find the way back...

I wish you a refreshing weekend!



No. 186 'Shinrin Yoku'
 at Veronica's

Next: No. 187 'SIXES AND SEVENS' at Nadine's
at the 6th + 7th of February

No. 188 at Patrice's


10 Kommentare:

  1. ah, we both did a piece from the sky looking down, so fun to see your lovely soothing piece.
    i also enjoyed each of your photos.
    quite exciting about your sister and the land, thank you for sharing that. I wonder how often she will make the trip to the land? do you think that she will camp or build there?

  2. Wald aus der Vogelperspektive, Wald im Verbeifliegen und Land zu gewinnen. Reichlich gefüllt, diese Badewanne. Danke und viele Grüße von Lucia

  3. Dear Ariane,
    Looking down makes one feel small. Makes us wonder about life. Puts things into perspective doesn't it.
    Lucky sister! How wonderful!

  4. liebe Ariane....
    i love this post (as i always love your posts ;^))
    the drawing, the images, the story
    your sister(!!!) and her piece of woodland
    .... like a book/story or movie!

    all those greens....
    i want to dive in and under
    but instead i work
    tomorrow starts a new schoolperiod

    i am fine
    and read your words
    again xxx

  5. Looking down into tree tops is the most glorious thing. I love that. There is such a walk at RBG Kew, a treetop walk, and I walk it every year. How wonderful and lucky for your sister! And she's in Canada. It makes me feel closer to you now. So happy to see the next two planned challenges. Hooray for Nadine and Patrice! Thank you ladies.

  6. Nice series of greens. The second and third are almost abstract. That's an amazing story about your sister.- eric

  7. Hi Rose! Beautiful poetry, beautiful illustration (or painting, sorry) and beautiful pics from the woods close to Hamburg. And one more thing....I cant believe what you say about your sister! this are the kind of things that happens to the persons in movies or in nobels!!! Wow!

  8. good lord! that sister of yours!! what is she thinking of??? by prop plane only? there's food for a gripping mystery story!!

    your green entry here is so pleasing. shown as you do, the movement in trees is always fresh and cleansing. and i smile, for i started my blog visit this morning with tammie's circles, and i seem to end here, at yours, with your very start in life. talking about circles (of life) indeed!

    now then. curiosity of next weekend's topic is officially over! have a think this week on this here and see you next 6&7... ;))) X

  9. Your lovely series of forest images makes me feel as if I was running through a lush forest - shinrin yoku all the way!

  10. lucky sister I would say!
    Ich mag so gern das Gedicht zu Beginn und das mystische Grün Schwarz.
    x Stefanie



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