Montag, 14. März 2011

Im Garten der Isolde | Frühling

Haaach, wir sind im Garten der Königin Isolde. Die Luft ist so mild und voll Vogelgesang. 

We are in the garden from Queen Isolde. The air is just mild and full of birdsong.

 Es ist wie in einem schönen Traum: Bei Sonnenschein spielen der Prinz und die Prinzessinnen und machen Feuer, während die Königinnen der Gartenarbeit frönen.

Its like a beautiful dream: In the sunshine the Prince and the Princesses are playing and making fire, during the two Queen indulge gardining.


Bevor wir zurück in Richtung Stadt kutschieren, essen wir noch etwas und trinken eine schöne Tasse Tee.

Ere we chauffeur us back to the borough, we eat something and drink a nice cup of tea.

9 Kommentare:

  1. You are sooo sweet, dear Rachel...
    x Ariane

  2. So lovely moments you have had there.

  3. Oh my goodness, a flower - already? Just yesterday we had some more snow! I'm beginning to think spring has forgotten Finland's existance... Although I'd gladly give up spring this year if it helped Japan at all.

    A cup of tea... I might have to make some! Wish you a wonderful week, dear Ariane :)

  4. Hi Ansku, 'to give up spring to help Japan' - wow, that is a beautiful thought.

    Let the snow melt the hearts
    and let us remember
    that there is no 'they' and 'others'

  5. Lovely. You have a lot more of spring than we have yet. There's still a lot of snow here and only small spots of grass. But the sun is shining and I can feel it getting closer.

  6. Dear lovelies.
    Last week I was a little bit speechless... so a lately 'thank you' for your nice comments.
    x Ariane.

  7. pretty stove. so cosy. how i long for us all to meet up and drink tea all day long....



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