Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

Augenblicke und Reflektionen / Winks and reflections

Die Königin von der Burg am Eisenbach
gelangt durch das angrenzende Königreich des Sterns in ihres.
Augenblicke und Reflektionen - manchmal wünscht sie sich eine eingebaute Kamera, die direkt und unmittelbar ihren Blick einfängt (vielleicht beim 3. Auge)... aber dann wären hier wohl noch mehr Bilder zu sehen.

The Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach
reaches through the kingdom of the Star hers.
Winks and reflections - sometimes she wants for herself an integrated camera which catch her view directly and immediately (maybe at the inner eye)... but then there would be still more pictures to see here.

Blumen bei Susanne.

Flowers at Susan.

Aufwärts und abwärts in der Weidenallee.

Upstairs and downstairs in the Willow-alley.

 In den Weidenstieg.

Into the Willow-stairway.

Zurück in die Burg.

 Back into the Castle.


The scent of lilies.


  1. oh! that house by the lake ( or river ) i want to live there ...

  2. Dear Demie,
    its a channel.
    And the flats in the house are roomy. I was on a visit some years ago. Very peaceful atmosphere indeed. But its very prominent...

    I wanna come to your house soon.


  3. Ha, i wouldn't mind more pictures, that staircase is wonderful, xx

  4. dearest ariane

    I started
    a new blog

  5. What a fine day out. Lovely windows to shop.

  6. Dear Renilde,
    that staircase was really a surprise for me. Going down the street I've heard a man singing. It comes from that staircase. I didn't see him (maybe the painter), but that illumed ladder... and the pretty shadow and and and.

    Dear Patrice,
    I've missed the look at your beautiful pictures and colours. Thank you for staying in contact with your kind comments.
    Welcome back!

    Dear Rachel,
    the children were in the school and I've got the forenoon for me... with my pace. Fine!


  7. It is almoust, Ariane, as if you had that camera embedded in your eyes already. And words attached to your fingertips, you leave the most beautiful comments.
    Lovely weekend, Ariane.
    You have great taste in flowers.

  8. hmmm, danke für den schönen spaziergang, ich hab fast alles erkannt! schon verrückt das ich drei freundinnen in hamburg habe, DU bist in der mitte, ihr wohnt alle um die ecke von einander und keine kennt die andere. gutenachtkuss, julia


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