Dienstag, 27. September 2011

Apfelernte / apple picking

Von dem Obsthof Axel Schuback wird der König der Burg am Eisenbach 
zur Ernte seines Baumes eingeladen... wie viele Andere auch. So fahren er und seine Frau, die Königin der Burg, samt Prinzessinnen und Prinzen und vielen Anderen zu ihren Bäumen.

From the Obsthof Axel Schuback the King of the Castle at the Eisenbach
is invited to harvest of his tree... as many others. So he and his wife, the Queen of the Castle, together with Princesses and Prince and many others drives to their trees.

 Es ist ein aufregender und schöner Tag: ein wahres Fest! Und die Birnen kullern ihnen auch schon reif entgegen - aber das ist einen andere Geschichte...

It is a exciting and beautiful day: a real feast! And the pears wobbles with them as well - but that is another story...

9 Kommentare:

  1. oh, wie schön!
    Da wäre ich auch gern dabei gewesen.
    Jetzt gibt es sicher bald leckeren Apfelmus :-)

  2. das war sicher ein wunderbarer, unvergesslicher tag! ich denke heute immer noch gern daran, wie ich in meiner kindheit in den apfelbäumen meines großvaters herumgeklettert bin!
    liebe grüße ins alte land schickt dir mano

  3. mmmmmm
    looks like a delicious day in many ways!

    and the autumn sphere around it.

  4. it's apple-harvest-time!
    the apple orchards around here are beautiful
    the apples are so, so red

    what will you make?
    apple pie
    apple syrup

  5. This is a wonderful, beautiful tradition we would have loved to be part of. I can almost smell the sweet freshness of apples all the way here.
    Lovely week to you and your family, Ariane.

  6. those apples look delicious! and they give such a feeling of autumn. here we still have a rather hot weather, I am getting tired of this summer...

  7. Beautiful autumn day...can almost taste this delicious apples....:)

    Thanks for stopping by ...xx

  8. This must be so much fun, the prince and princess are so lucky getting the chance to take part in the applepicking, and to see, apples grow on trees and not in supermarkets. xx

  9. Lovely! we pick apples every Autumn and your gorgeous images could be the document of our experience!

    Thank you for you kind comment and for visiting us through the divine Ms Jazzy.



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